Why you should promote commander play right now?

Why you should promote commander play right now?

August 12, 2020 | 2 min to read

This year is year of commander!


We’ll have much more commander product than before. You’ve seen the commander 2020 launched with IKORIA: LAIR OF BEHEMOTH. That is a wonderful product for experienced player.


From ZENDIKAR RISING (Launched on Sep 25th), we’ll bring entry-level commander deck. It would be a good tool to engage those who are interested in this social game.


Compared with other constructed format, commander play was featured by:

  • Commander is a multiplayer game, player would have more time to observe others and learn to play. For example, 3 experienced player could teach the freshman in turn.
  • It focus more on fun, could bring some good experience to player.
  • Commander have only 1 copy of card in each deck. Which means new player won’t get tired very quickly.
  • Player could cast the commander again and again, this experience is very similar with other popular digital game. Reduce the threshold of players to learn it[LJ1] [NM2] .
  • A lot of players would choose to play commander as a social activity. Players could make a lot of friends through commander play.


We’ll bring you Commander Legend in second half of the year. The difference between this product with other boosters is, each booster contains 20 cards and there would be 1 foil and 2 legendary creatures in every pack.


These product are for commander play, just like modern horizon for modern player. If you got a huge commander community, you will have more chance to expand your business.


Let’s brief you the way we recommend for commander play:

  • 4 players ( 3 or 5 is fine, if there are more than 5 players, you may divide them into different groups)
  • Begin with 40 life. Deck need to follow our construction rules. (Our product is perfect fit for this)
  • Follow the philosophy of commander (Casual, Fun), remember, commander play is for fun!
  • Advise players to share their strategy before they play, if some strategy is not welcome, you may ask the player to sit with someone others.
  • Start to play!


Come back next week and we’ll share how to grow your business through commander play!


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