WPN Qualifiers Round 2 of 2020—Pioneer, Preliminaries, and the Players Tour

WPN Qualifiers Round 2 of 2020—Pioneer, Preliminaries, and the Players Tour

October 28, 2019 | 2 min to read

A few important changes are coming with WPN Qualifiers (WPNQ) for Players Tour Series 2, including the competitive debut of Magic’s latest non-rotating format, Pioneer.

WPN Premium can schedule this round of WPNQs in Wizards Event Reporter right now. (Please see notes below before scheduling.) Scheduling closes November 27, with events to follow January 11, 2020 through March 29, 2020.

If you're interested in running WPNQs in your store, the best thing to do is reach WPN Premium—they get priority when we select stores to host. Get more information and apply here.

Not Premium yet? No problem. You can apply to host a WPNQ here. (If you've already applied, we have your application on file. No need to reapply.)

Here's what you need to know about this round of WPNQs.

Format options change throughout the season.

In the first wave, we’re supporting our primary competitive formats—Standard and Modern. For the second wave, we’re spotlighting Theros Beyond Death with Standard events. And finally, we’re overjoyed to offer the first WPNQs in Magic’s latest non-rotating format, Pioneer.

Sealed Deck is available throughout the season.

Here’s the full breakdown:

January 11, 2020–January 26, 2020—Standard, Modern, or Sealed Deck

February 1, 2020–March 15, 2019—Standard or Sealed Deck

March 21, 2020–March 29, 2020—Pioneer or Sealed Deck

The most important thing to know: when you schedule your WPNQ in Wizards Event Reporter,—all the usual formats will be listed, whether they're available during that window or not.

Please be doubly sure to select one of the formats that's available during the window in which your WPNQ takes place. It'll save you some headaches later.

Preliminary events are only open to stores who host closed qualifiers.

WPNQ hosts have the two options.

One: run a single event, open to all players, with a minimum capacity of 128.

Two: a closed, invite-only WPN Qualifier, where players earn slots in two or more WPN Preliminaries.

This system gives more WPN members access to WPNQs, even with limited capacity, while ensuring that all WPNQs have a structure that supports a minimum of 128 entries. But beginning with this round, TOs may only host preliminary events if they choose a closed, invite-only WPNQ.

Scheduling for WPN Qualifiers wraps up November, so apply for your slot today.


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