Before You Schedule Dominaria. . .

Before You Schedule Dominaria. . .

February 5, 2018 | 1 min to read

Dominaria scheduling opens today!

Here's what you'll want to know this time around:

1. Draft Weekend attendance has grown consistently since it debuted.

Draft Weekend is the first chance players get to draft with the new cards. The idea of the event is to leverage that appetite for fresh content to boost early-season sales.

It worked right off the bat: draft attendance spiked hard when Draft Weekend debuted with Amonkhet, and it's continued to grow with each set. There's every reason to expect the trend to continue with Dominaria, so sign up now and get foil promos to help move more product early in the season.

2. League collection boxes are back.

League collection boxes make a return after a hiatus with Rivals of Ixalan. Sign up for League and get thirty of them to help newcomers build their collections and ease them into the habit of playing in your store.

3. Friday Night Magic promo cards are also back.

We heard your feedback. Dominaria brings the return of the goes-in-your-deck kind of promo cards for FNM. More details to come. Sign up today for the whole season's worth of events (through June 6).

4. 7 out of 10 WPN members say Standard Showdown has had more positive impact on their business than any other new event.

When it debuted in 2016, we wanted Standard Showdown to become the heartbeat of Magic’s most important format. It's working. Standard attendance is up across the board, and, according to a recent poll, 70% of WPN members say it's had a greater benefit than any other addition to the event calendar.

Schedule Standard Showdown now and get promo boosters loaded with rares, mythics, and foils from Dominaria and other recent sets.

5. Now WER will let you change formats on the fly—no need to schedule redundant events.

Up until now, a WER bug was preventing TOs from changing the format on the fly, so they'd schedule extras as a contingency plan. That's no longer necessary. We fixed the bug, and now you can update formats on the fly. No need to schedule extras.

Log into WER and sign up for your Dominaria events right away.


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