Your CMR Prerelease Will Be Automatically Rescheduled in EventLink

October 12, 2020 | 1 min to read

Last week, due to production challenges related to COVID-19, we rescheduled the global launch of Commander Legends by two weeks, to November 20 (read more here). As a result, Prerelease has been shifted to November 13–19.

If you scheduled your Prerelease event in EventLink prior to the above announcement on October 2, you don't need to do anything—your Prerelease event will automatically be rescheduled for the same day and time, two weeks later.

Your event will be moved to the new Prerelease window by Friday, October 16. If the automatically rescheduled time is not suitable, you may manually reschedule your event for any time within the November 13–19 Prerelease week.

If you have not yet scheduled Commander Legends Prerelease, you are now able to schedule your event for any time within the November 13–19 window.

In regions where in-store play is paused, Prerelease availability remains as it was: organizers may host At-Home and Remote Prerelease only.

Thank you for your patience, and we hope you and your community enjoy Commander Legends!


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