Your XLN Allocation Questions Answered

Your XLN Allocation Questions Answered

July 17, 2017 | 2 min to read

Scheduling for Ixalan is open and your expected Prerelease allocation numbers are on their way.

If you've got questions about your numbers, go over these four reminders before you call in—it could spare you some time on hold: 

1. It's Based on Attendance for Amonkhet

Here's the short version of how we determine allocations:

Example: Playset Games (Real Store, Fake Name)

  Amonkhet Ixalan
Total Prerelease Packs 126 162
Baseline Prerelease Packs 90 126
Growth Prerelease Packs +36 +36
Attendance 119 n/a

It starts with Amonkhet attendance, which is the basis for your "baseline" Ixalan allocation.

For example, Playset Games' baseline allocation is 126, based on their 119-player turnout for Amonkhet Prerelease. When you look at your own allocation, those two numbers should be pretty close.

Now add on 36 players worth of growth product—to give them the chance to go beyond—and you've got Playset's total allocation of 162.

2. You Should Double Check that Your Amonkhet Prereleases Were Reported.

Much as we'd all like to forget the WER troubles on AKH Prerelease weekend, it's a good idea to make 100% sure that all of your events were reported correctly. If they weren't, you Ixalan allocation will be off.

From our end, unreported events effectively didn't happen. So if your XLN baseline allocation is significantly under your AKH attendance, there's a chance we've got some numbers missing from the formula.

It's worth taking the time to make sure all your event data made it to us correctly. If it didn't, get in touch.

But keep in mind:

3. Hold times will be shorter next week.

We get tons of calls when allocations first go out, so if you call right away, you could be in for a pretty long wait before reaching a rep. Try us in a week or so when call volumes have subsided.

However, if you have questions, you need to speak to us before the scheduling window closes on August 6. If we're going to make changes, we need to make them inside the scheduling window.

4. We keep track of players you turn away.

We do our best to predict your turnout as accurately as possible without overestimating—once the set officially releases, we don't to leave you with a load of leftover Prerelease packs.

But if we were way off and you had to turn players away, let us know and we'll make note. Document those players' information and reach out to us after Prerelease.

One caveat, however: those players won't figure into your next allocation automatically, and nothing can guarantee an increase. But if you end up talking to us about boosting your numbers, it could be useful.

Of course, you won't get any allocation at all if you don't sign up for Prerelease.

So log into WER and schedule your Ixalan events now!


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