Direct Sales Program


  • Supplement your regular distribution with product direct from Wizards.
  • Have Wizards of the Coast as a distributor option for your allocated products  
  • Receive weekly emails with product availability and pricing information


  • Be a brick & mortar hobby retail location in the U.S., Guam, Puerto Rico, or Canada.
  • Be a Core level or above store in the Wizards Play Network.
  • Agree to and abide by the Terms & Conditions of Sale included in the application. (See below.) 

How to Apply

  1. Download the applicationprint it, and complete all relevant fields.
  2. Sign the application. If you are not a store owner, make certain that the store owner has signed the application.  
  3. (U.S. Only) Fill out the Multi-Jurisdictional Resale Certification (included in the application). 
  4. (U.S. Only) If your store is located in one of the following states, fill out one of the following tax exemption forms. 
  5. Scan or take a digital photo of your state tax certificate or resale certificate. Every state has different requirements, so contact us if you aren't sure which document you need.

Submit Your Application

  1. Log into our customer service portal with your Wizards Account.
  2. Select "WPN Organizer/Retailer" and then "Direct Sales Account Application.
  3. Use the "Attach Documents" box to attach your signed and completed application form, and (U.S. only) your Multi-Jurisdictional Resale Certification or relevant tax documents. 

You will be notified by email if your application has been accepted or if further documentation is required.*

*Acceptance of any application for a Wizards Sales Account is at the sole discretion of Wizards of the Coast.

How to Order

Once your store has been accepted, you will receive a weekly email with a list of available products.

  1. Select "Place a Direct Sales Order" on the WPN Resources page. (Bookmark this page.)
  2. Sign in with your Wizards Account.
  3. In the "Question" field, enter the product and quantities you wish to order. (The required dropdowns will already be filled in.)