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What Is It?

Draft Weekend celebrates the release of a new Magic set by giving players their first chance to draft with the new cards.

Booster Draft offers players an opportunity to explore the new set and its mechanics, build their collection of new cards, and even specifically choose cards they might want to use in Standard decks.

WPN members of Core level and above who sign up for Draft Weekend through Wizards Event Reporter, will receive exclusive foil, alternate-art promo cards to hand out to participating players. They are not part of a player's draft pool.

Quantities are determined by your store level and will be shipped prior to Draft Weekend.

What Formats Can Be Run?

Draft Weekend events can be run as Booster Draft and Two-Headed Giant Booster Draft.

How Many Events Can Be Run?

You can run any number of events during Draft Weekend (Saturday and Sunday). Booster Drafts that take place during Friday Night Magic are not included in this program.

Best Practices

1. Run drafts with fewer than eight players if necessary. A lot of stores are under the misunderstanding that drafts require eight players. Not so. Eight players is ideal but drafting with fewer is better than turning away business. Just cancel your event in WER and schedule a casual event in its place.

2. Offer draft tutorials. Lower the barrier to entry for newer players by offering tutorials on Booster Draft rules and strategy before the event.

3. Use our free marketing materials to advertise. Go to wpn.wizards.com/marketing to get free, easy-to-use images for flyers, posters, social media, and more.


Consult these documents for detailed rules.

Search Rules and Documents.
Title Category/Type Updated Download
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