Store Championship: Rivals of Ixalan

Store Championship is the grand finale of the competitive Magic season.

All participants will get a first-peek at the next set with a foil rare, full-art promo card from Dominaria. Top 8 players win an exclusive Ultra Pro deck box and the store champion wins an exclusive playmat.

Choose between Draft, Sealed, or Standard for your event. This is near the top of the competitive curve, so run a Swiss tournament with a playoff for the top performers.

Standard Showdown: Dominaria

Standard Showdown is the heartbeat of Magic's most important format.

For you as a retailer, it sustains the Magic ecosystem and keeps attendance up until the event cycle recurs. For the player, it's a taste of competition—a weekly opportunity to hone, evaluate, and experiment with their deck and adapt it to the metagame, both within your store community and Magic as a whole.

Magic Open House: Dominaria

Open House recruits new players with an introductory event that’s designed specifically for them.

New players get a Welcome Deck tutorial and a showcase of both Magic and the social experience of in-store play.

Introduce new players to the game with learn-to-play sessions, and invite them to meet your community and explore the game with a casual Standard event.

Friday Night Magic: Dominaria

Week after week, Friday Night Magic brings players together in your store.

The idea of FNM is simple. Every week, players know they can count on your store for friends, fun, and battles. Of all WPN programs, FNM gives you the most freedom to meet your community's preferences: run as many events as you need, in whichever formats your players prefer.

Friday Night Magic promo cards return with Dominaria. Sign up now and get foil alternate-art promo cards to reward your players.

Draft Weekend: Dominaria

Draft Weekend is the first chance players get to draft with the new cards. The idea of the event is to leverage that appetite for fresh content to fire drafts and boost early-season sales.

Draft Weekend has grown consistently since it debuted. Booster Draft attendance spiked hard when Draft Weekend began with Amonkhet, and it's continued to grow with each set. Sign up now and get foil promos to help move more product early in the season.


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