D&D Launch Event: Dungeon Mayhem

Note: Dungeon Mayhem Launch Events are available in the US only.

Sign up for your Dungeon Mayhem launch event and get a demo copy of the game to help run it!

Dungeon Mayhem is an easy-to-learn card game, pitting the strength and cunning of a party of adventurers against one another. Two to four players choose one of four decks: Barbarian, Paladin, Rogue, or Wizard.

Store Championship: Core Set 2019

Store Championship is the grand finale of the competitive Magic season. It acts as the capstone event that engages players at the end of the season and begins building excitement for the next season.

All participants will get a first peek at the next set with a foil rare, full-art promo card from Guilds of Ravnica. Top 8 players will be awarded an exclusive Ultra Pro deck box and the store champion will win an exclusive playmat.

Ravnica Weekend: Guilds of Ravnica

*Note: A .PDF of the preview adventure from Guildmaster's Guide to Ravnica will be sent to participating WPN members on November 5, 2018.

The goal of Ravnica Weekend is to boost play mid-season. Sign up and get 20 foil basic lands, 10 Guild prints (11x14” cardstock posters, similar to the prints from Unstable), and a preview adventure from the Guildmasters' Guide to Ravnica, the upcoming Magic/D&D crossover.

Prerelease Party: Guilds of Ravnica

During Guilds of Ravnica Prerelease, move through your entire allocation of product with ease by taking advantage of casual prereleases—otherwise known as “Prerelease Party.”

You can schedule one per day (one Saturday, one Sunday, concurrent with the main event), and they're Player List Only (no rounds, no pairings). They're meant as a more beginner-friendly experience, an option for players who can't do the main event, etc.

Prerelease: Guilds of Ravnica

At Prerelease, entire store communities converge for their very first opportunity to play with the new cards. It's the best opportunity to turn interested players into engaged players with a high-energy, high-emotion gaming experience.

You may also run Prerelease Parties—open play events with no round structure—concurrent with your main event. Note that any players reported in a Prerelease Party will not count toward future Prerelease allocations. You can find more information here.

Magic Open House: Guilds of Ravnica

Open House recruits new players with an introductory event that’s designed specifically for them.

New players get a Welcome Deck tutorial and a showcase of both Magic and the social experience of in-store play. Introduce new players to the game with learn-to-play sessions, and invite them to meet your community and explore more of the game with a casual Standard event.

Magic League: Guilds of Ravnica

Magic League habituates the game for new and interested players. It's designed to be an initiation to Magic as a weekly tradition.

Players start with three boosters and may purchase another each week, plus another after any set of three losses. Hand out match cards for players to track to their own wins and losses.

Friday Night Magic: Guilds of Ravnica

Friday Night Magic is the heartbeat of the game, bringing recursive traffic into your store week after week.

The idea of FNM is simple. On any given Friday, players know they can stop into your store and find friends, fun, and battles. Of all WPN programs, FNM gives you the most freedom to meet your community's preferences: run as many events as you need, in whichever formats your players prefer.


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