Battlebond Preview Event

Event Start Date
Jun. 2018 2
Event End Date
Jun. 2018 3
Event Dates: 06/02/18 - 06/03/18

Battlebond Preview Event

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A bit about the set: once a year we do what we call a "Draft Innovation" SKU. Think Conspiracy or Unstable—something that turns traditional drafting on its head. Battlebond is meant for Two-Headed Giant, with cards and flavor and mechanics that fit that theme.

Preview Events are a chance to run Battlebond early and get the product into players' hands before it goes on sale online and in stores outside of the WPN.

While Preview Events show as "Prerelease" in WER, they're a little different. Preview Events are just that: a chance to preview the set. Unlike Prerelease, they are run with normal booster product, and prizing is entirely at the store's discretion.

Once the scheduling window closes, your events will be renamed "Preview Event: Battlebond."




  • PLAYERS: 8+ for tournaments, 2+ for casual events.
  • ROUNDS: 2+ for tournaments, 0 for casual events.
  • FORMATS: Two-Headed Giant Sealed Deck
  • NUMBER OF EVENTS: No limit

Primary Audience

  • Interested Player
  • Super Fan

Secondary Audience

  • Engaged Player
  • New Player