Commander Legends Prerelease

Commander Legends

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Oct. 2020 30
Event Dates: 11/13/20

Commander Legends Prerelease

IMPORTANT: In-store play, including Commander Nights, is currently suspended in the United States and Latin America. But even in regions where live events are available in EventLink and Wizards Event Reporter, this is not intended to encourage WPN members to run events.

We have made several changes to our normal event policies to ensure WPN members do not feel pressured to schedule events and can remain compliant with local health and safety guidelines. Events reported during this period will never impact your play metrics or your product and promotion allocations.

You may schedule Commander Legends Prerelease as Draft or Sealed.

Commander Legends has the first booster optimized for drafting Commander—so, of course, Draft is a format option for Prerelease (more details on unique Commander Draft rules coming soon).

We understand that players may not want to handle each other's cards right now or are looking for a traditional Prerelease experience, so Sealed is also an available format for the Commander Legends Prerelease.

Commander Legends Prerelease has two promo cards: one for Prerelease, one for Buy-a-Box.

You're going to get two sets of promo cards for Commander Legends: one set for the Buy-a-Box promotion, another set for players who join your Prerelease with a Wizards Account.

You have one allocation for events, prizes, and Prerelease Early Sale Promotion.

Unlike a typical set, you'll only have one allocation for Commander Legends (think Modern Horizons or Battlebond). Split your allocation between events, prizes, and full-box sales however you see fit.

This allocation will be based on your metrics snapshot.

Schedule Commander Legends Prerelease with EventLink before September 4 to double your Prerelease promos.

If you schedule your Commander Legends Prerelease (In-Store, At-Home, or webcam) before September 4, we'll send you double the Prerelease promos!

Inside EventLink, you'll see three event types: In-Store (excludes US & LATAM), At-Home, and webcam. Any one of these will make you eligible for double promos.

(Please note that scheduling by September 4 will double your Prerelease promo cards only. Buy-a-Box promos are unaffected by scheduling Prerelease.)

Hand out Commander Legends Prerelease promos to players that use a Wizards Account at Prerelease.

Players who use a Wizards Account to enroll in the events you schedule with EventLink make your life easier—so reward them! Hand out one promo to any player who participates in your In-Store, At-Home, or webcam Commander Legends Prerelease event using their Wizards Account.

(Find Companion for iOS here and Android here.)

Primary Audience

  • Engaged Player
  • Interested Player

Secondary Audience

  • New Player
  • Super Fan