Commander Nights: Zendikar Rising

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Sep. 2020 25
Event Dates: 09/28/20 - 01/21/21

Commander Nights: Zendikar Rising

IMPORTANT: In-store play, including Commander Nights, is currently suspended in the United States and Latin America. But even in regions where live events are available in EventLink and Wizards Event Reporter, this is not intended to encourage WPN members to run events.

We have made several changes to our normal event policies to ensure WPN members do not feel pressured to schedule events and can remain compliant with local health and safety guidelines. Events reported during this period will never impact your play metrics or your product and promotion allocations.

Commander Nights is a weekly Commander league with rotating global rules and achievement-based prizes. On certain weeks, there are special global rules for league play, curated by Magic’s design studio. Those rules are in place for all Commander Nights games that week across the world.

For Zendikar Rising, you can schedule Commander Nights multiple nights each week from September 28, 2020 through January 14, 2021—just be sure to keep leaving Fridays free for FNM.

The achievement list and optional global rules for Commander Nights are getting a refresh to match the newfound risks, perilous adventures, and priceless rewards players will find while exploring Zendikar.


The updated achievement list will spotlight popular mechanics in Zendikar Rising and challenge players to explore the set.

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