Draft Weekend: Hour of Devastation

Event Start Date
Jul. 2017 15
Event End Date
Jul. 2017 16
Event Dates: No upcoming event
  • Gateway
  • Core
  • Advanced
  • Advanced+

Draft Weekend: Hour of Devastation

In the week between Prerelease and set launch, anticipation builds for the first chance to draft with the new cards. Tap into that anticipation and fire as many drafts as possible.

As the buzz around the previous set's draft environment reaches its floor, Draft Weekend renews the excitement as players get to dive into fresh content.

Most stores meet that demand by running a combination of scheduled drafts and drafts on-demand: as soon as you've got eight players, sit down and get started (note: eight players is optimal, but you may run casual drafts with fewer than that).


  • Primary: Engaged Players
  • Secondary: Interested Players


New Player: No knowledge of how to play Magic
Interested Player: Basic understanding of Magic, ready to learn more about strategy and game play
Engaged Player: Competence in Magic game play, eager to invest in the game on a regular basis


Premium Promo Cards: Give these to each participant.


  • Core level: 24 promo cards
  • Advanced and Advanced Plus: 48 promo cards


  • Players: 8+ for tournaments, 2+ for casual events.
    (Note that the experience suffers for each player fewer than eight.)
  • Rounds: 3+ for tournaments, 0 for casual events.
  • Formats: Booster Draft, Two-Headed Giant Booster Draft
  • Number of events: No limit