Friday Night Magic: Dominaria

Event Start Date
Apr. 2018 27
Event End Date
Jul. 2018 6
Event Dates: 04/27/18, 06/01/18, 06/15/18, 06/22/18, 06/29/18, 07/06/18

Friday Night Magic: Dominaria

Week after week, Friday Night Magic brings players together in your store.

The idea of FNM is simple. Every week, players know they can count on your store for friends, fun, and battles. Of all WPN programs, FNM gives you the most freedom to meet your community's preferences: run as many events as you need, in whichever formats your players prefer.

Friday Night Magic promo cards return with Dominaria. Sign up now and get foil alternate-art promo cards to reward your players.

FNM: Dominaria follows the same seasonal cadence as Rivals of Ixalan. You will schedule all your Dominaria FNM events (from April to July) in one go.

You will receive all of your foil promo cards for the entire season in one kit. Distribute these at FNM events as you see fit, but be aware they will need to last you the full season.


Foil promo cards: Issue these at your discretion at your FNM events.


  • Core level: 4 per week
  • Advanced level: 8 per week
  • Advanced Plus level: 16 per week


  • Players: 8+ for tournaments, 2+ for casual events
  • Rounds: 3+ for tournaments, 0 for casual events
  • Formats: Standard, Booster Draft, Sealed, Modern, Legacy, Vintage for tournaments; any for casual
  • Day of event: Friday
  • Number of events: Unlimited

Primary Audience

  • Engaged Player
  • Interested Player

Secondary Audience

  • New Player
  • Super Fan