Friday Night Magic: June 2017

Event Start Date
Jun. 2017 30
Event End Date
Jun. 2017 30
Event Dates: No upcoming event
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  • Core
  • Advanced
  • Advanced+

Friday Night Magic: June 2017

What's Friday Night Magic?

New to Friday Night Magic? For all the fundamentals, check out the Friday Night Magic page.

Friday Night Magic (FNM) is your opportunity to design and deliver the perfect suite of Magic activities week after week.

Every Friday, participating stores host as many events as they'd like, in any format their players want, and reward them with exclusive foil, alternate-art promo cards.

How Many Promo Cards?

You'll receive foil alternate-art promo cards in quantities determined by your store level and number of the Fridays you host at least 1 FNM.

  • Core level stores: 5 promos per week
  • Advanced: 10 promos per week
  • Advanced Plus: 15 promos per week

How Do I Sign Up?

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