Game Day: Hour of Devastation

Event Start Date
Aug. 2017 5
Event End Date
Aug. 2017 6
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Game Day: Hour of Devastation

Standard season makes up most of a Magic set's lifecycle, and it kicks off with Game Day.

It comes a week after the Pro Tour, and it's meant to be the point where players join the season's competitive Magic narrative. It's the first chance to build on strategies discovered by the pros.

Because the atmosphere of the event is more competitive, it's one of the few events where you'll want to run a playoff. If you have 16 players or fewer, cut to a Top 4. If you have exactly 8 players, run three Swiss rounds without a Top 8 cut.


Engaged Players


New Player: No knowledge of how to play Magic
Interested Player: Basic understanding of Magic, ready to learn more about strategy and game play
Engaged Player: Competence in Magic game play, eager to invest in the game on a regular basis


  • 30 full-art promos: Give these to each participant.
  • 8 premium full-art promos: Give these to the top 8 performers.
  • 1 playmat: Give this to the winner.


  • Players: 8
  • Rounds: 3
  • Formats: Standard
  • Playoff:
    • 16+ players: Cut to top 8
    • 9-16 players: Cut to top 4
    • 8 players: No playoff