Grand Prix Trials: Las Vegas 2017

Event Start Date
Mar. 2017 23
Event End Date
Jun. 2017 2
Event Dates: No upcoming event
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Grand Prix Trials: Las Vegas 2017

A Grand Prix Trial (GPT) connects in-store play to the biggest open Magic events in the world: Grand Prix. The winner of the GPT gets a head start at the corresponding Grand Prix in the form of first and second round byes. Get more information on the Grand Prix Trial Event Page.

Scheduling Now:

Grand Prix Trials—Las Vegas

Event dates: 3/23/2017–06/02/2017

A special note about Grand Prix Trials—Las Vegas:

Grand Prix Las Vegas 2017 features three Grand Prix in three different formats. Advanced Plus stores are eligible to run one Grand Prix Trial for each of these Grand Prix per month.

This means Advanced Plus stores can run up to three Grand Prix Trials, each month between March 23 and June 2, 2017.

Winners of your Grand Prix Trials may apply their byes to any (or all) of the three Grand Prix.

Blackout Dates:

No Grand Prix Trials may be run between April 22–23.