Iconic Masters

Event Start Date
Nov. 2017 17
Event End Date
Nov. 2017 17
Event Dates: No upcoming event
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  • Core
  • Advanced
  • Advanced+

Iconic Masters

Iconic Masters assembles potent cards from Magic's history to deliver some of the most high-powered drafts ever to hit your play tables.

Because of the popularity of Iconic Masters, the distribution will be partially allocation based. We're doing this to ensure this product is as evenly distributed as possible.

Tips of the Trade

WPN members like Common Ground Games get maximum value out of high-demand products like Iconic Masters by designating a portion of their allocation for its intended use: to offer a truly epic draft experience.


  • Primary: Super Fans and Engaged Players
  • Secondary: Interested Players

Super Fan: Dedicated to Magic for the long-term
Engaged Player: Competence in Magic game play, eager to play on a regular basis
Interested Player: Basic understanding of Magic, ready to learn more about strategy and game play
New Player: No knowledge of how to play Magic


  • 15 randomly inserted cards per booster pack, including 1 premium card in every pack.


  • Core: 2–3 cases
  • Advanced: 4–6 cases
  • Advanced Plus: 12–16 cases


Signing up in Wizards Event Reporter reserves an amount of product as determined by your WPN level*. You may be able to order more through your preferred distribution source, depending on availability.

*Allocation quantities vary by region and availability will be determined closer to release.