Ixalan Prerelease Party Test

Event Start Date
Sep. 2017 24
Event End Date
Sep. 2017 24
Event Dates: No upcoming event
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Ixalan Prerelease Party Test

We're doing a trial run of an alternative structure for IxalanPrerelease, and we want input from WPN members in your region.

Participating stores will get a chance to influence the future of Prerelease, plus receive an increased allocation to run the events.

This trial run is only available to WPN members in selected regions.

Here's how it works:

To participate in the trial run, follow the steps below:

  1. Schedule "Magic Casual Event: Ixalan Prerelease Party Test" in Wizards Event Reporter. Schedule up to four events across Saturday, September 23 and Sunday, September 24, with up to two events on each day.
  2. Check the "Player List Only" box in WER before enrolling players in your event. There should be no rounds; players simply flag each other down for matches. Players can come and go as they please, and the event does not require a firm end time.
  3. Run them as casual, open play events, with one-game matches. Prerelease Parties should be more like social events than tournaments. Print the match slips for your customers to record the opponents they’ve played, available on the marketing materials page, under event accessories. Matches should consist of just one game. When they fill up their sheet, award them their prize, regardless of their record.
  4. Tell us what you think. We'll reach out to you after Prerelease to collect feedback on the event.

Got questions? Check below:

Can I still run a traditional Prerelease if I participate in the trial?

Yes. You may run any combination of Prerelease Party events and traditional Prereleases within the normal sanctioning limits for your store.

May I promote this publicly?

Yes, please do! We encourage you to get the word out and build excitement as well as set expectations for your players.


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