Launch Party: Time Spiral Remastered

Event Start Date
Mar. 2021 19
Event End Date
Mar. 2021 21
Event Dates: 03/19/21 - 03/21/21

Launch Party: Time Spiral Remastered

Time Spiral Remastered events are only available through EventLink. Get started with Wizards EventLink today if you haven't already!

Opening weekend is all about Limited play. For Time Spiral Remastered Launch Party, we're celebrating Limited with the option of Booster Draft or Sealed.

You may host in-store Launch Party events only if in-store play is currently available in your region.

All regions may choose to host their own Webcam Launch Party via Discord.

Primary Audience

  • Engaged Player
  • Super Fan

Secondary Audience

  • Interested Player
  • New Player