Magic 2015 Core Set Game Day

Event Start Date
Aug. 2014 9
Event End Date
Aug. 2014 10
Event Dates: No upcoming event
  • Gateway
  • Core
  • Advanced
  • Advanced+

Magic 2015 Core Set Game Day

Immerse your players in the new Standard format, including the Magic 2015 Core Set, in an exciting world-wide event.

What Is It?

Magic 2015 Game Day is your players' first opportunity to play Standard format with the Magic 2015 Core Set on a global scale. Game Day takes place three weeks after the set's release and gives players the chance to try out the newest decks seen at the Pro Tour or other premier events. Game Day events also feature special prizes for participation, making the top 8, and winning.

How Many Game Day Events Can I Run during the Weekend?

  • WPN Core level stores: 1 Game Day event
  • Advanced level stores: up to 2 Game Day events
  • Advanced Plus level stores: up to 2 Game Day events

What's Inside the Kit?

One kit will be provided for each Game Day event scheduled, including:

  • 30 alternate-art, full-art participation promo cards
  • 8 foil, alternate-art, full-art prize cards for the top 8 players
  • 1 Champion Playmat for the winner of your Game Day event
  • 1 Instruction Sheet
  • 1 Pad of Score Sheets
  • 1 Poster

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