Prerelease: Dominaria

Event Start Date
Apr. 2018 21
Event End Date
Apr. 2018 22
Event Dates: 04/21/18 - 04/22/18

Prerelease: Dominaria

At Prerelease, entire store communities converge for their very first opportunity to play with the new cards. It's a great opportunity to fill your store to capacity with an unforgettable gaming experience.

For Dominaria, you may also run Prerelease Parties—open play events with no round structure—concurrent with your main event. Note that any players reported in a Prerelease Party will not count toward future Prerelease allocations. Get more information here.


  • Window Display: Place in your storefront window to grab the attention of every shopper who walks by into your store.
  • Shelf Talker: Place under new products to make it easier for shoppers to find the latest Magic products.
  • Point-of-Sale Display: Increase impulse purchases with this display by placing it in your point-of-sale area.
  • Event Poster: Advertise your events in a highly visible area, such as your point-of-sale area or on your front door.


  • PLAYERS: 8+
  • ROUNDS: 3+
  • FORMATS: Sealed, Two-Headed Giant Sealed