Prerelease: Kaladesh

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Sep. 2016 24
Event End Date
Sep. 2016 25
Event Dates: No upcoming event
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Prerelease: Kaladesh

What's a Prerelease?

New to Prerelease? For all the fundamentals, check out the Prerelease event page.

What's Different About Kaladesh Prerelease?

Planeswalker Decks: This new introductory product replaces Intro Packs. They are designed to be the best first purchase for new players, providing a more thematically resonant experience—while still appealing to experienced players with unique, Standard-legal cards exclusive to this product.

Give players their first chance to play Planeswalker Decks at Prerelease with Open Dueling. Open Dueling encourages players to purchase Planeswalker Decks for casual play during any free time at your events.

Energy Counters

Energy counters are designed to let players feel like inventors. They're the in-game representation of what’s unique about the plane of Kaladesh—Aether, a tangible substance that can be harvested and used to power wondrous devices.

Many cards in the set generate energy counters which can be spent for additional effects. Energy doesn’t refresh on its own, so unlike mana, once it’s spent, it’s gone.

Energy Counter Token

Unfortunately, energy counter token cards were inadvertently omitted from the initial print run of Kaladesh. They will appear in subsequent print runs.

In the meantime, please use this.


Players have been asking for vehicles and will likely be excited to see their debut. Vehicles are inert artifacts until you board them by tapping creatures you control with a certain total power. They then temporarily become artifact creatures and can attack or block until end of turn.

Fabricate Mechanic

Fabricate allows players to choose between creating a certain number of 1/1 colorless Servo artifact creature tokens or putting a certain number of +1/+1 counters on the creature with the keyword.

This flexible mechanic provides players with many choices to innovate their decks and play. Players can build their decks to take advantage of bigger creatures or numerous artifacts or creatures, or they can simply take advantage of the flexibility that fabricate affords.

Prerelease Kit

For help constructing these intricate airships and thopters, watch our assembly guides!

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