Prerelease: Modern Horizons 2

51 Days Left
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Jun. 2021 10
Event Dates: 06/04/21 - 06/10/21

Prerelease: Modern Horizons 2

We have made several changes to our normal event policies to ensure WPN members do not feel pressured to schedule events and can remain compliant with local health and safety guidelines. Events reported during this period will never impact your play metrics or your product and promotion allocations.

Wizards Event Reporter is being decommissioned on March 23. Connecting your store to Wizards EventLink before the decommission lets us know that your store is still in business and that you’d like to continue receiving Wizards Play Network support.

WPN members who have not signed up for EventLink prior to the decommission will be assumed to be no longer in business or no longer interested in Wizards support and will be removed from the WPN.

Modern Horizons 2 is the first non-Standard Set to feature Prerelease Packs at a traditional Prerelease event.

Players crack open a Prerelease Pack, build a Sealed deck (including their Participation Promo!), and try out the set for the first time in a casual tournament.

Traditional Prerelease events with rounds and Player List Only events are now both available to be scheduled from the Prerelease event template on EventLink.

Modern Horizons 2 Prerelease Allocation

Your Prerelease allocation is based on a reduced percentage of your largest Prerelease attendance from KHM, ZNR, or THB. WPN Premium stores will have an increased allocation.

At-Home and Webcam Prerelease

In-store play, including Prerelease, is currently suspended in many regions. At-Home and Webcam Prerelease are available all week beginning 3PM Friday, June 4.

That date and time also apply to regions where in-store play is available, and organizers can limit the number of people in their store at any given time by scheduling as many events as they need.

We encourage organizers to facilitate virtual tabletop events and other remote play opportunities through:

Primary Audience

  • Engaged Player
  • Interested Player

Secondary Audience

  • New Player
  • Super Fan