What is a Prerelease Party?

Prerelease Parties are casual, open play events with no pairings and no round structure, designed to enable the maximum use of Prerelease Packs.

The idea is, with a Prerelease Party on the calendar, you never have to turn anyone away. So long as you've got product, you've got something to offer.

Note that Prerelease Party attendance will not count towards future Prerelease allocations and should only be scheduled in addition to your traditional, ranked Prerelease events. See more information here.

I just got my Prerelease allocation numbers. What does "growth product" mean?

Some stores are offered additional product, in case they feel their allocation won't cover demand. For each 20 Prerelease packs of growth product ordered, stores must order one additional booster box to use as prizes (the additional booster boxes are purchased at the store's expense).

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