How do I unsubscribe from the WPN Update and other WPN emails?

WPN members are required to maintain a valid email address so that we can provide important information about our programs and services. While we will honor your request to unsubscribe from our email communications, we will also terminate your WPN membership.

If your WPN membership is terminated:

My establishment has age restrictions (21+, etc). Can I join the WPN?

No. WPN locations must be clean, safe, adequately lit, reasonably climate controlled, in compliance with all relevant safety regulations and an accepting and appropriate atmosphere for patrons of any age. We will deny applications for bars, tobacco shops, etc.

What counts as a sufficient background check?

A background check is sufficient if allows you to accurately represent to Wizards that the subject of the check has not been convicted of any offense listed in the WPN Terms, under any applicable law.

There are many agencies and services that can perform such a check. We recommend that you use a reputable third-party reporting service.

As a WPN member, who am I required to conduct background checks on?

Run background checks on all Staff*, which means anyone you have engaged (solicited, requested, contracted, asked, etc.) to interact with the public on behalf of your store.

*"Staff" is defined in the Terms and Conditions as “all people and companies you employ, utilize, engage or otherwise contract with to work or provide services in your Retail Store, to assist with conducting Events.”


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