Jul 17, 2023 — WPN Premium

WPN Premium: How to Upload Your Point of Sale Data

We break down the process to help ensure you understand exactly how to submit your POS data to us.

Jul 17, 2023 — WPN Premium

WPN Premium: How to Upload Your Point of Sale Data

We break down the process to help ensure you understand exactly how to submit your POS data to us.

Being a WPN Premium store comes with it a suite of additional benefits for your store and ultimately, your community. As a part of WPN Premium, we ask that you submit your Point of Sale data for the prior month to us on the 7th of each month (new WPN Premium stores are often asked for the previous two months' worth of Point of Sale data); all you need to do is download our provided template, and follow the instructions on this page, and you'll be well on your way to submitting your data on time every month.

The data you submit will be used only for internal purposes and will not be shared with a third party, except with the data compliance vendor that has been contracted to protect, aggregate, and process this data. We only ask for sales of sealed Magic: The Gathering, and other Wizards of the Coast-branded items if applicable.

This page will walk you through the process column-by-column; let's get started.

Column A: WPN Org ID

Your WPN Org ID is a required field and is a series of numbers. You can find this number at the end of the address bar when on your Wizards EventLink Calendar page. This is the default view when you log into EventLink.

Screenshot of a WPN Org ID found on the EventLink Calendar page

Columns B, C, and D: Transaction Information

The next three columns are straightforward, covering information exported from your POS system. The transaction date is required, along with either the exact time or transaction ID.

Columns E, F, and G: UPC/ISBN, SKU, or Store Item Number

The UPC or ISBN of every product you sell is data you'll pull from your POS system; for POS data submission, keep in mind that you only need either the UPC/ISBN or the Wizards of the Coast SKU number, not necessarily both. For event entries you sell—that are not tied to a UPC or SKU—you'll enter those store item numbers in column G.

To help you fill in the Wizards of the Coast SKU number, we upload a Master SKU list for you to reference on a regular basis. On the template, you'll use the "SKU List Instructions" tab to populate the "Master SKU List" tab with the most up-to-date SKU list.

Updating the Master SKU List Tab

Please note that the instructions below assume you are using an updated version of Microsoft Excel.

  1. Open the POS Data template in the desktop application for Microsoft Excel.
  2. Navigate to the "Data" ribbon tab in the menu bar and click "Refresh All" to begin syncing your file with the Master SKU list document stored on the WPN website.
    1. You can also click "Queries & Connections" to see the progress of the update.
  3. Excel will initiate a pop-up security notice requesting that you confirm that you want to pull the data. Pressing "OK" will allow your computer to trust the document downloaded; if you are unsure, you may skip to step 5.
  4. The data on the "Master SKU List" tab will begin to sync with what's stored online; once complete, it will be updated to match the most current version of the Master SKU list stored on the website.
  5. If the above steps do not work, you may download a copy of the Master SKU list document directly, which you can copy and paste into your POS data export or use to update information in your POS software.

What if the SKU I need isn't on the Master SKU list?

Again, to submit your POS data to us, we only require that you have the correct UPC/ISBN or SKU number; however, you may be able to find most SKUs from our product pages if you need them.

Columns H & I: Brand and Product Description

The "Brand" field is not required, but you must fill out the Product Description. If you indicated earlier under "Store Item Number" that this is an event entry, this column is where you'd describe what event the entry was for.

Columns J-M: Quantity Sold, Price, and Currency

For the final four columns, you'll populate the data from your POS system's export: the quantity of each item sold, the individual unit price, the total price of the transaction, and what currency was spent. You may utilize the "Currency Reference" tab on the spreadsheet to find your local currency's code.

If you encounter any difficulties with exporting your data from your POS system and transferring it into this spreadsheet, reach out to your WPN Business Development Specialist. They can walk you through any part of the process, or even connect you to our data compliance vendor to answer your questions directly.

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