How to Sign Up for WPN Materials

How to Sign Up for WPN Materials

May 27, 2014

How to Sign Up for WPN Materials

Available WPN programs are organized into two columns on the WER main screen:

  1. Program and Promotion Scheduling
    • Sign up for promotions, products, and materials like Magic Buy-a-Box and From the Vault
    • Schedule events such as Friday Night Magic, Magic Prerelease, Kaijudo Duel Days, and D&D Encounters
  2. Everyday Events and Materials
    • Order DCI Membership Cards
    • Schedule everyday Magic, Casual Magic, Kaijudo and D&D Game events


To Order Materials:

STEP 1: Click the item you wish to order.

  • This will open a new Order WPN Materials window.

STEP 2: Sign up to receive your WPN materials:

  • Verify that your store information is correct and make any necessary changes to the "Email" and "Phone" fields.
  • Click the button.


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