How to Sign Up for WPN Materials

May 27, 2014

How to Sign Up for WPN Materials

Available WPN programs are organized into two columns on the WER main screen:

  1. Program and Promotion Scheduling
    • Sign up for promotions, products, and materials like Magic Buy-a-Box and From the Vault
    • Schedule events such as Friday Night Magic, Magic Prerelease, Kaijudo Duel Days, and D&D Encounters
  2. Everyday Events and Materials
    • Order DCI Membership Cards
    • Schedule everyday Magic, Casual Magic, Kaijudo and D&D Game events


To Order Materials:

STEP 1: Click the item you wish to order.

  • This will open a new Order WPN Materials window.

STEP 2: Sign up to receive your WPN materials:

  • Verify that your store information is correct and make any necessary changes to the "Email" and "Phone" fields.
  • Click the button.


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