Conspiracy: Take the Crown Booster Pack

Release Date: 
August 26, 2016

The exciting mind games and political gambits return to your store with the release of Conspiracy: Take the Crown. This new set builds on the revolutionary themes and mechanics introduced in the Conspiracy set and is designed with draft and multi-player play in mind.

This set will feature new cards that affect the draft and new conspiracies that twist the rules of the game, making it a great addition to your lineup of casual events for experienced players.

Tips of the Trade

Bring players into your store with a Conspiracy: Take the Crown draft event!

One store got into the spirit of Conspiracy by creating a secret code, using the five colors of Magic, for players to decipher over the course of the event.

They gave out basic land cards with a number written on them to players participating in a Conspiracy draft.

Those numbers meant that the land’s color did not belong in the numbered location within the five-color code (e.g. Mountain with a #1 meant that Red was not the first color in the code). Players worked together over the course of the event to decipher the code. The store created multiple codes throughout the weekend to give others a chance to experience the fun.


  • 15 cards per booster pack
  • 36 booster packs per display
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Conspiracy: Take the Crown Booster Display

Release Date: 
August 26, 2016

A booster display consists of 36 boosters.