From the Vault: Transform

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From the Vault: Transform assembles fifteen of the most pivotal and sought-after double-faced cards in Magic history.

This Wizards Play Network exclusive* is available worldwide in English only, with an extremely limited print run, for WPN Core, Advanced, and Advanced Plus retailers. (*WPN Exclusive applies to North America, Latin America, and APAC only.)

From the Vault: Transform will appear as available for registration in Wizards Event Reporter.

Select your preferred distribution source when you sign up. You will then be contacted by your selected distribution source with specific pricing and allocation quantities.

*Allocation quantities vary by region and availability will be determined closer to release.

Tips of the Trade

The From the Vault series features high-demand reprints. We hope you'll think of From the Vault: Transform as a tool, and leverage that demand to help reach your goals.

Many stores use From the Vault as the engine of a loyalty program, an attendance-driver to help reach Advanced Plus, a preregistration-booster at Prerelease, and more.

  • 15 premium foil double-faced cards

Watch this space! More product contents will be revealed closer to release date.

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