Can I purchase Wizards of the Coast products if I own a home-based business, flea market stall, or mall / store kiosk?

Requirements for purchasing Wizards of the Coast products vary by region.

We typically require a permanent, physical retail location in a commercial or retail district; however, you are welcome to contact your local Wizards of the Coast office or contact one of our Authorized Distributors to discuss ordering products for your business.

What is a brick-and-mortar store?

A brick-and-mortar store is a permanent, physical retail store. Typical characteristics include:

  • Accessible to the public.
  • A store sign.
  • A sales floor/merchandising area.
  • A point of sale counter.
  • Regular business hours.
  • Location in a commercial or retail district.

If you own a brick-and-mortar store and are interested in the Wizards Play Network, sign up!

Which companies are Wizards of the Coast Authorized Distributors?

Interested in carrying our products in your store? Our Authorized Distributors provide retailers around the world with Wizards of the Coast products to sell.

You can find contact information for Authorized Distributors that service your area in the Sales section of our website. You are welcome to contact multiple Authorized Distributors in your area to fill your store's product needs.

How do I become a retailer for Wizards of the Coast products?

Please contact one of our Authorized Distributors in your area to discuss ordering Wizards of the Coast products! Additional requirements such as having a physical brick-and-mortar retail location and meeting your distributor's specific qualifications typically apply.

Wizards of the Coast does offer direct purchasing in some regions. If we offer your region this service then our contact information will appear on our list of Authorized Distributors.

I think I found a bug using WER. How do I report it?

If you think you have found a bug in Wizards Event Reporter (WER), please contact your local Wizards of the Coast office by email. Be sure to include the following information:

  • Description of the error.
  • Operating system.
  • Your DCI number.

If you encounter an error when sanctioning or reporting an event in WER, please contact your local Wizards of the Coast office for assistance.

How do I run and report events?

Once you've joined the Wizards Play Network (WPN), scheduling, running, and reporting events is all completed through our downloadable Wizards Event Reporter (WER) program.

Start by scheduling your event in WER. Once you're ready to run your event, WER makes it easy by:

  • Automatically pairing players each round.
  • Generating standings.
  • Setting up playoff rounds (if applicable).

Once the event is over, simply upload your results through WER to get credit for hosting the event.

How can I contact you with questions about the WPN?

This website has been designed to assist with general questions you may have about the WPN. Your question may be answered in our FAQs.

If you need additional assistance or information, please contact your local Wizards of the Coast office.

How does my store deal with an organizer leaving?

Wizards Play Network (WPN) levels and benefits are associated with your WPN retail location and will not change if a tournament organizer leaves.

It is important for your store to have a tournament organizer since they can help you with running events and detailed WPN program questions. Once you have identified a replacement tournament organizer, please follow the steps below:

What if my events are too big to fit in my store? Can I run my larger events elsewhere?

We want you to be able to host excellent events for your players and we understand that sometimes this requires an alternate venue.

To designate an external play location for your store, simply follow these steps:

  1. Find a public venue that would be suitable for organized play.
  2. Make sure your venue has adequate space and amenities for your event(s).
  3. Submit a request to register your play location.

Benefits of registering your play location include:

What is a WPN Retail Location?

A Wizards Play Network (WPN) retail location is a public retail location that offers Wizards of the Coast products for sale to customers and has enrolled in the WPN. These locations are eligible to host Wizards of the Coast organized play events and can participate in WPN programs.

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Looking for an existing WPN retail location near you? Visit our Store & Event Locator.


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