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Each pack will contain 4 cards:

Slot one is a promo-stamped rare or mythic rare from the most recent set. Could be any rare or mythic rare.

Slot two is a promo-stamped rare or mythic rare from a short, curated list. These will be from Standard-legal sets, and they'll be hand-selected by Magic’s design studio. These lists will be public.

Slot three is a foil promo-stamped alternate art basic land.

Slot four is the promo slot. With each Standard-legal set there will be a selection of special, season-specific cards with special treatments such as alternate frames/alternate art promos.

Give out promo packs however will best grow your community.


Promo packs are not tied to specific events or programs and can be rewarded at any event. We recommend saving promo packs for your programmed events in this way:

Draft Weekend—15% Friday Night Magic—30% ~3% per week

Magic Weekend—20%

New Player Events and Prizes—10% (Bring-a-Friend Reward)

Other Events—25%

If you run Magic events above and beyond those listed here, feel free to support those events with promo packs and adjust these percentages accordingly.

Premium, all-foil promo packs are suggested for 1st place prizes in tournaments as well as for events that cater to players that want to show off their decks, like Commander.

Also keep in mind that the quantity you receive is dependent on Tickets and Engaged Players. We also suggest supporting the events that are driving your business. However, ultimately you may use them at any Magic event.

Promo Packs function just like promo cards, but with four cards in each pack. These packs are the prizes for any and all play (program-related or other) during a season. Stores are empowered to reward players whenever and however best builds their community of play.

At the beginning of each season, stores will be given a number of packs based on their community size.

One out of every four promo packs you receive will include all foil contents. (You'll know the all-foil packs by their packaging.)

You don't have one. The old WPN level system (Core, Advanced, Advanced Plus) has been replaced with one that rewards stores with far greater precision.

All WPN stores will receive support based on the size of their community (as measured by tickets and engaged players).



The weekly WPN Update email will include a section that has your store metrics. You should have this in your inbox now, and you'll see it once a week going forward (usually on Wednesdays).

We value both metrics for the continued success of Magic and meeting the minimum requirements for both is critical to remain in the WPN.

Tickets counts all Magic play in your store. Standard, draft, Commander, Modern—everything.

Engaged Players counts Standard, Booster Draft, and Sealed format events, both Casual and Tournaments. Between the two metrics, we can incentivize all Magic play, but keep the focus on current content.

Stores need a minimum of 250 Tickets and 5 Engaged Players over the course of a year to remain in the WPN. Tickets are all event entries across all your events. Engaged players are players who join six events per year in Standard, Draft, and Sealed.


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