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Content for D&D Adventurer's League can be purchased at for the cost of a few dollars.  

No. To avoid confusion over prize and event criteria, these events must remain separate, with separate prize pools.

However, running these events separately but in tandem at the same location is permitted. This can be an efficient way to create a deeper play experience.

If your store is an approved member of our Direct Sales program, you will receive a weekly email with a list of available products.

  1. Select "Place a Direct Sales Order" on the WPN Resources page. (Bookmark this page.)
  2. Sign in with your Wizards Account.
  3. Select "WPN Organizer/Retailer," then "Place a Direct Sales Order." In the "Question" field, enter the product and quantities you wish to order.

You will receive an email to confirm your order.

Start displaying sealed product (online and in your store) whenever you see fit.

Display opened product (online and in your store) only after the entire set has been revealed on or, and only with the sale date displayed clearly near the product.

At your discretion, issue Friday Night Magic promo cards equal to the number you received for that week (Core: 4 per week; Advanced: 8 per week; Advanced Plus: 16 per week).

You must be a store owner or manager to add or remove organizers.

To Remove a Store Contact or Organizer:

Contact your local Wizards of the Coast office and make a request to remove an individual from your store's contact list.

To Add a Store Contact or Organizer:


  1. Go to and click "Add a Tournament Organizer" (TO).
  2. Fill out the form. The new TO will receive an email with instructions.
  3. After the TO has completed the instructions, your Retail Support representative will contact you to confirm your new organizer.


The best way to increase your allocation for future sets is to use 100% of the product allocated to you in sanctioned Prerelease events.

Those packs belong to your players, so they're free to use them as they choose. However, Booster Drafts can only be sanctioned after the official launch date.

Before the official launch date, Prerelease packs are solely for use in sanctioned Prerelease events.

After the official launch date, Prerelease packs may be used or sold at your discretion.

Some stores are offered additional product, in case they feel their allocation won't cover demand. For each 20 Prerelease packs of growth product ordered, stores must order one additional booster box to use as prizes (the additional booster boxes are purchased at the store's expense).


Magic League

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Friday Night Magic

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Store Championship

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Premier Play (PPTQs, GPTs, etc.)

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Wizards Event Reporter (WER)

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If you think you have found a bug in Wizards Event Reporter (WER), please contact your local Wizards of the Coast office by email. Be sure to include the following information:

  • Description of the error.
  • Operating system.
  • Your DCI number.

If you encounter an error when sanctioning or reporting an event in WER, please contact your local Wizards of the Coast office for assistance.

Wizards Event Reporter (WER) is the downloadable program used to schedule, run, and report events for all Wizards Play Network (WPN) retail locations.

Download Wizards Event Reporter to get started!

To log in and use WER, you will need to:

  • Be enrolled in the WPN as a store owner or tournament organizer.
  • Have WER downloaded and installed on your computer.
  • Know your DCI number and password.

If you still have questions or need assistance with your DCI number and password, please contact your local Wizards of the Coast office.


Wizards Account System

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WPN Policies

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WPN Sign Ups

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