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Prerelease Parties are casual, open play events with no pairings and no round structure, designed to enable the maximum use of Prerelease Packs.

The idea is, with a Prerelease Party on the calendar, you never have to turn anyone away. So long as you've got product, you've got something to offer.

Note that Prerelease Party attendance will not count towards future Prerelease allocations and should only be scheduled in addition to your traditional, ranked Prerelease events. See more information here.

Simply opt in to the promotion during the scheduling window for a given set. Then, you will want to schedule individual draft events for that weekend.

Just when the appetite for a new draft environment peaks, Draft Weekend satisfies it.

During the Saturday and Sunday following release, this program allows you to award a participation promo to anyone that attends a booster draft in your store.

Welcome Decks should be given to any new player to get them started. The mentoring player or employee will take half of the Welcome Deck and give the new player the other half. After demoing the game with a few simple matches, both halves can be combined into one 60-card deck and given to the new player.

The participation promo can be awarded to anyone who shows up, but should be prioritized to new players, players that recruited a new player, and players who helped teach the game.

Magic Open House is a new-player friendly event designed to introduce players to the game and the social benefits of in-store play.

Open House events include on-demand tutorial sessions with free Welcome Decks and a lightly structured Standard event.

You are required to comply with these requirements only to the extent permitted by applicable laws. Your compliance with local law will not constitute a breach of WPN Terms.

Perform checks however often it takes to accurately represent to Wizards, when asked, that no person you engage has been convicted of any offense listed in the WPN Terms.

A background check is sufficient if allows you to accurately represent to Wizards that the subject of the check has not been convicted of any offense listed in the WPN Terms, under any applicable law.

There are many agencies and services that can perform such a check. We recommend that you use a reputable third-party reporting service.

Run background checks on all Staff*, which means anyone you have engaged (solicited, requested, contracted, asked, etc.) to interact with the public on behalf of your store.

*"Staff" is defined in the Terms and Conditions as “all people and companies you employ, utilize, engage or otherwise contract with to work or provide services in your Retail Store, to assist with conducting Events.”

First, you must be listed on your store’s WPN profile as an owner, manager, or tournament organizer. If you are unsure, submit this form to be added to your store.

Once you have received the confirmation email that you have been added to the store’s profile, you can request to join the group here.

When you request, you will be sent an application survey via Facebook asking your store name and city, first and last name, & role at the store.


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