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A child under the age of the 13 will need a parent's permission to create an account and receive a DCI number. You may issue a child a generic DCI card and instruct him or her to create an account, with a parent present, at a later time.

Yes. Issue the player a generic DCI card. When you enroll a player in an event in WER, enter the number of the DCI card along with their first and last name. Then hand the card to the player and encourage him or her to follow the link on the card to create an Organized Play Account at a later time.

Once a player creates an Organized Play Account, they can claim the DCI number as their own. The first time a player claims a generic DCI card, they will be awarded 5 lifetime Planeswalker Points.

If a player has a mobile device, tell him or her to go to and follow the instructions. The player will automatically get a DCI number when they create an account. Signing up should take less than a minute.

While the old cards will work, the new cards will be easier for you to use. If you must issue players the old DCI cards, simply instruct players to create an Organized Play Account and claim their DCI number online at as soon as they can. You should then dispose of, or recycle, the rest of the old cards. DO NOT fill out the player's personal information on the top of the card.

Not at this time. We have new DCI cards available to ensure that everyone can participate in the event even if they can't sign up for an Organized Play Account.

We will send each WPN location a shipment of new DCI cards within a few weeks. Once you receive your new DCI cards, please dispose of your old cards. If you need more generic DCI cards, select the "Membership Card" option from the Everyday Events and Materials section in WER.

Players can use any device with Internet access. Players must be able to access their email accounts and follow the instructions provided in order to complete their account activation. Players have seven days to respond to the email confirmation that will activate their account.

WPN members are required to maintain a valid email address so that we can provide important information about our programs and services. While we will honor your request to unsubscribe from our email communications, we will also terminate your WPN membership.

If your WPN membership is terminated:

  • You will no longer be able to schedule or report WPN events
  • We will notify the owners of all WPN stores you are associated with that you have requested termination of your WPN membership
  • Any and all unreported and future events you have scheduled may be cancelled
  • If you are a store owner and have a Wizards Direct Sales Account, that account will be cancelled

If you are certain you want to unsubscribe from WPN emails and terminate your WPN membership, contact us.

To become a WPN retail location you will first need to apply to join the Wizards Play Network.

Typical features of a WPN retail location are listed below (requirements may vary by region):

  • A physical location in a commercial/retail district.
  • A retail area offering current Wizards of the Coast products for sale to customers.
  • A space to host organized play events.
  • A store sign.
  • Regular business hours.

Please contact your local Wizards of the Coast office to discuss the requirements for your area and whether your store meets them.

If you are not yet carrying Wizards of the Coast products, please contact one of our Authorized Distributors to get started!

Interested in holding Dungeons & Dragons events at your store but not sure where to find an experienced Dungeon Master (DM) to run them?

We recommend taking the following steps:

  1. Ask your regular D&D customers if they would like to volunteer to run some of your events.
    • Consider offering incentives for a person willing to be your Dungeon Master.
  2. Use the Wizards D&D Community website to advertise that you're looking for a Dungeon Master.
  3. Spread the word through your store's social media channels and your players.

There is no official certification to become a Dungeon Master, just experience and a love for the game!

For additional suggestions, please contact your local Wizards of the Coast office.


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