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Regional Pro Tour Qualifiers (PTQs) are invitation-only events available to a select group of WPN stores hand-chosen by Wizards.

Top competitors at Regional PTQs earn a spot on the Pro Tour.

WPN stores of Advanced Level or above can run one Preliminary PTQ per season (there are 4 seasons per year), on any weekend besides Prerelease.

As Preliminary PTQs become available, they will appear in Wizards Event Reporter under "Program and Promotion Scheduling" as well as on our Events Page.

Schedule it in Wizards Event Reporter, choose a format (Standard, Sealed Deck, or Modern), and secure a certified judge of level 2 or above to oversee the event.

Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifiers (PPTQs) are in-store events available to all Advanced level and above WPN stores, which are the first step for players on the path to the Pro Tour.

The winner of a Preliminary PTQ earns an invitation to a Regional PTQ, where players make their final bid for a spot on the Pro Tour.

If a delinquent event doesn’t have results and you don’t have records of the results, cancel the event. This will resolve the delinquent event.

If a delinquent event doesn’t have results, but you have records of the results, contact your local Wizards of the Coast office.

If your delinquent event has results, but they couldn’t be uploaded, contact your local Wizards of the Coast office.

Resolved events won’t impact your delinquency rate. 

WPN members are required to maintain a valid email address so that we can provide important information about our programs and services. While we will honor your request to unsubscribe from our email communications, we will also terminate your WPN membership.

If your WPN membership is terminated:

  • You will no longer be able to schedule or report WPN events
  • We will notify the owners of all WPN stores you are associated with that you have requested termination of your WPN membership
  • Any and all unreported and future events you have scheduled may be cancelled
  • If you are a store owner and have a Wizards Direct Sales Account, that account will be cancelled

If you are certain you want to unsubscribe from WPN emails and terminate your WPN membership, contact us.

To become a WPN retail location you will first need to apply to join the Wizards Play Network.

Typical features of a WPN retail location are listed below (requirements may vary by region):

  • A physical location in a commercial/retail district.
  • A retail area offering current Wizards of the Coast products for sale to customers.
  • A space to host organized play events.
  • A store sign.
  • Regular business hours.

Please contact your local Wizards of the Coast office to discuss the requirements for your area and whether your store meets them.

If you are not yet carrying Wizards of the Coast products, please contact one of our Authorized Distributors to get started!

Pro Tour Qualifiers (PTQs) are the highest level of in-store play available in the Wizards Play Network. This level of play can help establish your store as a destination for competitive Magic play.

Events are offered by invitation to select Advanced level WPN store locations and winners of PTQ events earn a travel award and an invitation to the associated Pro Tour from Wizards of the Coast.

Interested in hosting a Pro Tour Qualifier at your store? We recommend taking these steps:

  1. Start by running Grand Prix Trial events:
    • Available to all Advanced level WPN retail locations.
    • Learn how to get started with Grand Prix Trials.
  2. Review the additional requirements to host a Pro Tour Qualifier.

Interested in reaching Advanced level in the WPN? Review the WPN level requirements to learn how!

Your local office can help connect you to a certified DCI judge in your area.

When you contact your local Wizards of the Coast office for assistance, please be sure to include the following in your email:

  • Your Name.
  • Store Name.
  • Store Address, City, State/Province, Zip/Postal Code, Country.
  • Preferred Phone Number.

One of the Regional Coordinators will follow up with you to provide you with the contact information for a local judge.

If you are seeking a certified DCI judge for a sanctioned event, we recommend contacting us a minimum of four weeks in advance.

Get chat assistance from judges.

Need help finding a judge or have questions about the Judge Program? Regional Coordinators are your best resource. Regional Coordinators are available around the world to help with all aspects of the Judge Program and organized play.

To find the Regional Coordinator in your area, contact your local Wizards of the Coast office.

Find out more information about the Judge Program.


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