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These stores will remain in the WPN and continue to receive preview adventures, alternate art covers, and representation in the Event Locator. 


Since all promotional support is focused on Magic: The Gathering, we are only looking at Magic metrics to determine that support. There are no plans to include metrics for D&D events at this time.

Our D&D support is unaffected by these changes to the WPN.

We continue to encourage stores to schedule and report D&D play and run preview adventures when they are available. We'll continue to support D&D in stores with preview adventures, alternate art covers, and representation in the Event Locator.

You can apply here. Please have a video walkthrough of your store prepared, and allow up to two weeks for a response.

We believe Premium status is within reach of any WPN location. But the bar is high. If you believe you offer an experience that ranks among the best, apply.



Annual reverification is required. If a store fails to uphold the quality or quantity requirements of the status, they may have their status revoked.

An Activated Player is, in effect, a new Engaged Player. It's a player that joined their first event in your store that goes on to join six events in any format during their first year of play.

You'll see your Activated Player total each week in the WPN Update, along with your other stats. However, it's only relevant if you're interested in pursuing WPN Premium.

To qualify for consideration for WPN Premium, a store must meet the following criteria:

  • Meet all the requirements of the WPN Quality Checklist
  • 2000 Tickets
  • 40 Engaged Players
  • 15 Activated Players
  • Provide certain point-of-sale data (upon request)
  • Have at least six months of WPN membership

All metrics are considered on a rolling 12-month basis. If you're close to this threshold, you're still welcome to apply.

Premium stores will get the same benefits as all WPN members, plus exclusive events, priority and recognition in our Event Locator, upgraded promo kits—including a Magic lighted sign for the inaugural class—as well as priority assistance from a dedicated support rep, and more.

WPN Premium is a public recognition of the best stores in the world, and a way for Wizards to support them in a way that equals their contribution to the Magic community.

The number of advance boxes you'll be able to order will continue to correspond to the number of Buy-a-Box promos you receive. Going forward, that number will be based on the updated metrics (Tickets and Engaged Players).

Stores will be able to order between 4–26 cases of product depending on community size (as measured by Tickets and Engaged Players).




Draft Weekend

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Just when the appetite for a new draft environment peaks, Draft Weekend satisfies it.

During the Saturday and Sunday following release, this program allows you to award a participation promo to anyone that attends a booster draft in your store.

Simply opt in to the promotion during the scheduling window for a given set. Then, you will want to schedule individual draft events for that weekend.

Magic Open House

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Magic Open House is a new-player friendly event designed to introduce players to the game and the social benefits of in-store play.

Open House events include on-demand tutorial sessions with free Welcome Decks and a lightly structured Standard event.

Welcome Decks should be given to any new player to get them started. The mentoring player or employee will take half of the Welcome Deck and give the new player the other half. After demoing the game with a few simple matches, both halves can be combined into one 60-card deck and given to the new player.

The participation promo can be awarded to anyone who shows up, but should be prioritized to new players, players that recruited a new player, and players who helped teach the game.

Friday Night Magic

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In "Tournament" events, players receive Planeswalker Points based on match wins (3 points per win, 1 point per draw). These events require a minimum of 8 players and 3 rounds.

In "Casual" events, players receive exactly one Planeswalker Point, regardless of performance. These events require only two players and do not require rounds.

Admission costs are entirely at your discretion. You're free to set them according to the best interests of your players and your business.

Note: Friday Night Magic is exclusive to Core Level and above stores.

Didn't work? Contact your local support office.

FNM can be run in any format.

WPN locations of Core level and above are eligible to run FNM.


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Prerelease Parties are casual, open play events with no pairings and no round structure, designed to enable the maximum use of Prerelease Packs.

The idea is, with a Prerelease Party on the calendar, you never have to turn anyone away. So long as you've got product, you've got something to offer.

Note that Prerelease Party attendance will not count towards future Prerelease allocations and should only be scheduled in addition to your traditional, ranked Prerelease events. See more information here.

The best way to increase your allocation for future sets is to use 100% of the product allocated to you in sanctioned Prerelease events.

Those packs belong to your players, so they're free to use them as they choose. However, Booster Drafts can only be sanctioned after the official launch date.

Before the official launch date, Prerelease packs are solely for use in sanctioned Prerelease events.

After the official launch date, Prerelease packs may be used or sold at your discretion.

Some stores are offered additional product, in case they feel their allocation won't cover demand. For each 20 Prerelease packs of growth product ordered, stores must order one additional booster box to use as prizes (the additional booster boxes are purchased at the store's expense).

Admission costs are entirely at your discretion. You're free to set them according to the best interests of your players and your business.


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Interested in holding Dungeons & Dragons events at your store but not sure where to find an experienced Dungeon Master (DM) to run them?

We recommend taking the following steps:

  1. Ask your regular D&D customers if they would like to volunteer to run some of your events.
    • Consider offering incentives for a person willing to be your Dungeon Master.
  2. Use the Wizards D&D Community website to advertise that you're looking for a Dungeon Master.
  3. Spread the word through your store's social media channels and your players.

There is no official certification to become a Dungeon Master, just experience and a love for the game!

For additional suggestions, please contact your local Wizards of the Coast office.

Wizards Account System

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If you do not have a DCI number:

1. Go to and click "Create an Account" and follow the steps to set up your account.

If you already have a DCI number:

1. Go to and click "Log In." (Not "Create an Account.")

2. Enter your DCI number and password. (Don't use your email address!).

3. On the next screen, complete your account information. Your Login ID is what you'll use to log into WER going forward.

4. Once you're logged in, make sure you recognize the DCI number listed in your information. If you do, you're all set! If not, move on to step 5.

5. Click "Combine Accounts."

6. Enter the login ID and password for your other account.

7. Choose the DCI number you'd prefer to keep. (The other one will be permanently unusable.)

Direct them to to create a DCI account using a PC or smartphone.

If they can't get online, or they're under 13 years old, issue a temporary DCI card and use the number on that card to enter them into WER. They can activate their DCI account online at a later time.

A child under the age of the 13 will need a parent's permission to create an account and receive a DCI number. You may issue a child a generic DCI card and instruct him or her to create an account, with a parent present, at a later time.

Yes. Issue the player a generic DCI card. When you enroll a player in an event in WER, enter the number of the DCI card along with their first and last name. Then hand the card to the player and encourage him or her to follow the link on the card to create an Organized Play Account at a later time.

Once a player creates an Organized Play Account, they can claim the DCI number as their own. The first time a player claims a generic DCI card, they will be awarded 5 lifetime Planeswalker Points.

If a player has a mobile device, tell him or her to go to and follow the instructions. The player will automatically get a DCI number when they create an account. Signing up should take less than a minute.

While the old cards will work, the new cards will be easier for you to use. If you must issue players the old DCI cards, simply instruct players to create an Organized Play Account and claim their DCI number online at as soon as they can. You should then dispose of, or recycle, the rest of the old cards. DO NOT fill out the player's personal information on the top of the card.

Not at this time. We have new DCI cards available to ensure that everyone can participate in the event even if they can't sign up for an Organized Play Account.

We will send each WPN location a shipment of new DCI cards within a few weeks. Once you receive your new DCI cards, please dispose of your old cards. If you need more generic DCI cards, select the "Membership Card" option from the Everyday Events and Materials section in WER.

Players can use any device with Internet access. Players must be able to access their email accounts and follow the instructions provided in order to complete their account activation. Players have seven days to respond to the email confirmation that will activate their account.

WPN Policies

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You are required to comply with these requirements only to the extent permitted by applicable laws. Your compliance with local law will not constitute a breach of WPN Terms.

Perform checks however often it takes to accurately represent to Wizards, when asked, that no person you engage has been convicted of any offense listed in the WPN Terms.

A background check is sufficient if allows you to accurately represent to Wizards that the subject of the check has not been convicted of any offense listed in the WPN Terms, under any applicable law.

There are many agencies and services that can perform such a check. We recommend that you use a reputable third-party reporting service.

Run background checks on all Staff*, which means anyone you have engaged (solicited, requested, contracted, asked, etc.) to interact with the public on behalf of your store.

*"Staff" is defined in the Terms and Conditions as “all people and companies you employ, utilize, engage or otherwise contract with to work or provide services in your Retail Store, to assist with conducting Events.”

First, you must be listed on your store’s WPN profile as an owner, manager, or tournament organizer. If you are unsure, submit this form to be added to your store.

Once you have received the confirmation email that you have been added to the store’s profile, you can request to join the group here.

When you request, you will be sent an application survey via Facebook asking your store name and city, first and last name, & role at the store.

WPN policies do not prohibit serving or consuming alcohol at DCI-sanctioned events (including in play spaces), and organizers may now restrict events by age.

This revision excludes Premier Play (PPTQs, etc), which must be accessible to all players.

WPN policies do not prohibit serving or consuming alcohol at DCI-sanctioned events (including in play spaces). But remember that Wizards reviews all WPN locations, and we will refuse places like bars, tobacco lounges, and all age-restricted venues. To add a satellite event location, please submit the request here.

The WPN is a purely promotional program and does not control the territory in which you are authorized to sell Wizards' product. Your authorized territory is determined through your distributor agreement or Wizards' or Hasbro's direct sales agreement. Please contact your distributor and/or direct sales representative to request information regarding your authorized territory.

Start displaying sealed product (online and in your store) whenever you see fit.

Display opened product (online and in your store) only after the entire set has been revealed on or, and only with the sale date displayed clearly near the product.

Those packs belong to your players, so they're free to use them as they choose. However, Booster Drafts can only be sanctioned after the official launch date.


WPN Sign Ups

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WPN locations of Core level and above are eligible to run FNM.

To become a WPN retail location you will first need to apply to join the Wizards Play Network.

Typical features of a WPN retail location are listed below (requirements may vary by region):

  • A physical location in a commercial/retail district.
  • A retail area offering current Wizards of the Coast products for sale to customers.
  • A space to host organized play events.
  • A store sign.
  • Regular business hours.

Please contact your local Wizards of the Coast office to discuss the requirements for your area and whether your store meets them.

If you are not yet carrying Wizards of the Coast products, please contact one of our Authorized Distributors to get started!

A brick-and-mortar store is a permanent, physical retail store. Typical characteristics include:

  • Accessible to the public.
  • A store sign.
  • A sales floor/merchandising area.
  • A point of sale counter.
  • Regular business hours.
  • Location in a commercial or retail district.

If you own a brick-and-mortar store and are interested in the Wizards Play Network, sign up!

Please contact one of our Authorized Distributors in your area to discuss ordering Wizards of the Coast products! Additional requirements such as having a physical brick-and-mortar retail location and meeting your distributor's specific qualifications typically apply.

Wizards of the Coast does offer direct purchasing in some regions. If we offer your region this service then our contact information will appear on our list of Authorized Distributors.

Once you've joined the Wizards Play Network (WPN), scheduling, running, and reporting events is all completed through our downloadable Wizards Event Reporter (WER) program.

Start by scheduling your event in WER. Once you're ready to run your event, WER makes it easy by:

  • Automatically pairing players each round.
  • Generating standings.
  • Setting up playoff rounds (if applicable).

Once the event is over, simply upload your results through WER to get credit for hosting the event.

Download Wizards Event Reporter to get started!

This website has been designed to assist with general questions you may have about the WPN. Your question may be answered in our FAQs.

If you need additional assistance or information, please contact your local Wizards of the Coast office.

A Wizards Play Network (WPN) retail location is a public retail location that offers Wizards of the Coast products for sale to customers and has enrolled in the WPN. These locations are eligible to host Wizards of the Coast organized play events and can participate in WPN programs.

Sign up for the Wizards Play Network!

Looking for an existing WPN retail location near you? Visit our Store & Event Locator.

Store Information Changes

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You must be a store owner or manager to add or remove organizers.

To Remove a Store Contact or Organizer:

Contact your local Wizards of the Coast office and make a request to remove an individual from your store's contact list.

To Add a Store Contact or Organizer:


  1. Go to and click "Add a Tournament Organizer" (TO).
  2. Fill out the form. The new TO will receive an email with instructions.
  3. After the TO has completed the instructions, your Retail Support representative will contact you to confirm your new organizer.


WPN members are required to maintain a valid email address so that we can provide important information about our programs and services. While we will honor your request to unsubscribe from our email communications, we will also terminate your WPN membership.

If your WPN membership is terminated:

  • You will no longer be able to schedule or report WPN events
  • We will notify the owners of all WPN stores you are associated with that you have requested termination of your WPN membership
  • Any and all unreported and future events you have scheduled may be cancelled
  • If you are a store owner and have a Wizards Direct Sales Account, that account will be cancelled

If you are certain you want to unsubscribe from WPN emails and terminate your WPN membership, contact us.

Ensuring that your store's information is up-to-date will help new players find your store!

For store owners and managers, please fill out our "Edit Store Information" form to update your store information.

If you are a tournament organizer, please ask your store owner or manager to visit our website and fill out the "Edit Store Information" form.

Be sure to check our Store & Event Locator regularly to make sure that your store's information is current.

Wizards Play Network (WPN) levels and benefits are associated with your WPN retail location and will not change if a tournament organizer leaves.

It is important for your store to have a tournament organizer since they can help you with running events and detailed WPN program questions. Once you have identified a replacement tournament organizer, please follow the steps below:

  1. Contact your local Wizards of the Coast office so we can remove the former tournament organizer from your store's contact list.
  2. Find a new tournament organizer to run your events.
  3. Your new tournament organizer must sign up for the WPN before they can be added to your store.
  4. We will contact the owner of your store to confirm the addition of your new tournament organizer.

Consider asking a certified DCI judge to help you find a new tournament organizer. Certified DCI judges are experts on WPN programs and are very knowledgeable about running and reporting WPN events. Contact your local Wizards of the Coast office for assistance with contacting a judge.

We want you to be able to host excellent events for your players and we understand that sometimes this requires an alternate venue.

To designate an external play location for your store, simply follow these steps:

  1. Find a public venue that would be suitable for organized play.
  2. Make sure your venue has adequate space and amenities for your event(s).
  3. Submit a request to register your play location.

Benefits of registering your play location include:

  • Your events will count towards your store's WPN level.
  • Players can find your play location in our Store & Event Locator.

Note: Some programs such as D&D Encounters must be run in your store and cannot be held elsewhere.

For additional questions, please contact your local Wizards of the Coast office.