Rules and Documents

Title Category/Type Updated Download
Magic Infraction Procedure Guide Rules/List 09/30/19
Magic: The Gathering Tournament Rules Rules/List 09/30/19
Throne of Eldraine Set Release Notes Rules/List 09/24/19
Throne of Eldraine Deck Checklist Checklist 09/20/19
Premium Quality Checklist Checklist 09/17/19
Player Disqualification FAQ Instructions 09/17/19
Magic: The Gathering—Commander (2019 Edition) Release Notes Rules/List 08/12/19
Core Set 2020 Deck Checklist Checklist 06/25/19
Core Set 2020 Set Release Notes Rules/List 06/25/19
Transformers TCG Deck Checklist Checklist 07/26/19
Modern Horizons Set Release Notes Rules/List 06/05/19
Modern Horizons Deck Checklist Checklist 06/03/19
Transformers TCG Tournament Rules Instructions 07/26/19
Magic: The Gathering Judging at Regular REL Rules/List 04/29/19
War of the Spark Deck Checklist Checklist 04/19/19
War of the Spark Set Release Notes Rules/List 04/25/19
Ravnica Allegiance Deck Checklist Checklist 01/18/19
Ravnica Allegiance Set Release Notes Rules/List 01/16/19
Ultimate Masters Set Release Notes Rules/List 12/07/18
Ultimate Masters Deck Checklist Checklist 11/21/18
Transformers TCG Basic Rules Rules/List 10/12/18
Transformers TCG FAQ Instructions 10/16/18
Guilds of Ravnica Set Release Notes Rules/List 10/15/18
Guilds of Ravnica Deck Checklist Checklist 09/21/18
Commander 2018 Release Notes Rules/List 07/27/18