How to Schedule an Event in WER

How to Schedule an Event in WER

19日 5月 2014年

Wizards Event Reporter makes it quick and easy for your store to take advantage of our Wizards Play Network programs.

  • Most WPN programs need to be scheduled ahead of time during scheduling windows.
  • You can always schedule your own Magic: the Gathering, Kaijudo*, and Dungeons & Dragons events.
  • All of your scheduled events will appear on our Store & Event Locator for players to see.

*Kaijudo programs are available only in North America.

Overview of the WER Main Screen

Available WPN programs will be organized into two columns:

  1. Program and Promotion Scheduling
  • Sign up for promotions, products, and materials like Magic Buy-a-Box and From the Vault
  • Schedule events such as Friday Night Magic, Magic Prerelease, Kaijudo Duel Days, and D&D Encounters
  • Everyday Events and Materials
    • Order DCI Membership Cards
    • Schedule everyday Magic, Casual Magic, Kaijudo, and D&D Game events

    All of the events you see are available at your store's WPN level. The event date and format options are automatically adjusted for each event type.

    You can see the number of days left in each scheduling window, where applicable.

    Schedule an Event

    STEP 1: Click the button for the event you want to schedule.

    • This will open a new "Event Options" window where you will schedule your event.
    • When you click on an event, the basic event details will already be filled in:

    STEP 2: Select your event options (required fields are in bold).

    With WER, if you see it, you can schedule it!

    1. Enter an Event Name in the "Event" field (required).
    • This name will not be seen by the public since our Store & Event Locator uses standardized event names.
  • If you hold all of your events in your store, continue to the next step. If you have registered an external play location, you can select it from the "Play Location" drop-down menu.
  • Leave the "Post Event Entry" option unchecked.
  • Select your Event Date (required).
    • If you have already scheduled the maximum number of events for a WPN program, you will see this message:
  • Use the optional "Event Information" field to add details that will appear to players on our Store & Event Locator.
    • Include information like entry fee, event start time, and special prizes!
  • Select your Event Format from the drop-down menu (required).
  • Leave the "Player List Only" option unchecked.
    • This option is used for casual events only.
    • If you are running a casual event (as described later in this document) and will not be using round or match pairings, you may check the "Player List Only" option.
  • Select a Pairing Method from the drop-down menu (required).
  • Verify that your store information is correct and make any necessary changes to the "Email", "Phone", and "URL" fields.
    • Players will see this information on our Store & Event Locator.
    • You can update your default store information by visiting the "My Store" section of the website.
  • Use the optional "Notes" field to add personal notes that will only appear in WER.
  • STEP 3: Click the button at the bottom of the window.

    • This will take you to the Sanctioning Summary window.

    STEP 4: Review the information on the Sanctioning Summary window then click the button. Your event will now appear on the WER main screen!

    • If your event information is not correct, click the button to return to the WER main screen. Your event will not be saved.

    Check Your WPN Level and Your Scheduled Events

    Find store's WPN level quickly and easily on the WER main screen:

    1. Click on the "Organization" drop-down menu and select your store.
    2. Your current WPN level will be listed next to the name of your store as shown below!

    Select "Calendar View" to for a month-by-month view of events. Click on the day, and see the list of your events populate on the right.
    1. Click on the "Game" drop-down menu to view events for Magic: the Gathering, D&D, or Kaijudo. Magic: the Gathering, D&D, or Kaijudo.
    2. Check or uncheck the "Future", "Reported/Completed", and "Cancelled/Invalid" boxes to filter your events by their current status.
    3. Click on any of the column headers, such as "Event Date" to sort your event list.

    Casual and Competitive Magic Events

    Magic events fall into two categories: casual and competitive. Both types count towards your WPN level!

    Casual Competitive
    WER “Sanction Rule”
    • Magic Casual Event
    • Magic League
    • Magic Casual Multi-Player
    • Magic Gateway to Core Program
    • Magic
    • All other WPN programs, such as Friday Night Magic and Magic Prerelease
    Formats All formats available. May be grouped together as “Casual Constructed” and “Casual Limited” Select formats available; depends on event type
    Rounds Not required
    • At least 2 rounds for Two-Headed Giant and team formats
    • At least 3 rounds for all other formats
    Minimum Players Not required 8 players
    Match Results Not required Must be input
    Planeswalker Points 1 point for all participants Players can earn additional points based on match wins, event size, and event type

    Dungeons & Dragons Events

    D&D Game events are used for general D&D play at your store. D&D events count toward your WPN level!

    • Players can use any edition of the D&D role-playing game.
    • D&D board games and other play formats are available as well!

    Kaijudo Events

    We offer a variety of exciting organized play programs available for Kaijudo, and you can schedule your own Kaijudo Tournament and Casual Events. All Kaijudo events count towards your WPN level!

    Casual Set Premiere Competitive
    WER Sanction Rule Kaijudo Casual - Event Kaijudo Set Premiere
    • Kaijudo Duel Day
    • Kaijudo Tournamnet-Event
    • Kaijudo Master Challenge
    Fomats Can use any format. Schedule as either “Casual Constructed” or “Casual Limited Sealed Deck format. Schedule as "Limited" in WER. Available formats vary by event type
    Rounds Not required 3 rounds At least 2 rounds
    Minimum Players Not required 4 players 4 players
    Match Results Not required Must be input Must be input
    DCI Ratings Points Points are not awarded Points are not awarded Players can earn points based on matches played and match wins. Visit the Kaijudo website for more information.

    Additional Resources

    Now that you know how to schedule events and sign up for WPN programs, the next step will be to run and report your organized play events.

    • Click on the button on the WER main screen at any time to access walkthroughs, a searchable help database, and more!

    Contact your local Wizards of the Coast office if you would like additional assistance or if you encounter any issues with using WER.