If you're the owner of a brick-and-mortar store, you may be able to purchase Wizards of the Coast products through one of our Authorized Distributors. Contact a distributor for more information.
Distributorsort descending Country City State Phone
ACD Distribution, CA United States Fresno CA 1-800-767-4263 ext. 9930
ACD Distribution, PA United States Harrisburg PA 1-800-767-4263 ext. 9930
ACD Distribution, WI United States Madison WI 1-800-767-4263 ext. 9930
Aladdin United States Burnsville MN 1-800-377-4627
Alliance East United States Baltimore MD 1-800-669-4263 ext. 9238
Alliance Midwest United States Fort Wayne IN 1-800-669-4263 ext. 9238
Alliance West United States Visalia CA 1-800-669-4263 ext. 9238
Alliance, Southwest United States Austin TX 1-800-669-4263 ext. 9238
Devir Americas United States Seattle WA 206-764-9499
Diamond United States Olive Branch MS (443) 318-8001
GTS, AZ United States Phoenix AZ 1-425-212-9359
GTS, GA United States Smyrna GA 1-425-212-9359
GTS, HI United States Honolulu HI 1-425-212-9359
GTS, MI United States Grand Rapids MI 1-425-212-9359
GTS, Northern CA United States San Jose CA 1-425-212-9359
GTS, PA United States Allentown PA 1-425-212-9359
GTS, Southern CA United States Orange CA 1-425-212-9359
GTS, WA United States Everett WA 1-425-212-9359
Magazine Exchange United States Grants Pass OR 1-800-234-2004
PHD, CA USA Santa Fe Springs CA (855) 637-4263
PHD, FL United States Orlando FL 1-877-743-4263
PHD, GA USA Suwanee GA
PHD, NJ United States Bound Brook NJ 1-877-743-4263
PHD, TX United States Dallas TX 1-877-743-4263
Southern Hobby, IL United States Wood Dale IL 1-800-473-2804
Southern Hobby, MO United States St Louis MO 1-800-473-2804
Southern Hobby, NY United States Farmingdale NY 1-800-473-2804
Southern Hobby, TN United States Nashville TN 1-800-473-2804