Wizards Play Network Marketing Materials Policy

Wizards Play Network Marketing Materials Policy

Last Updated: September 15, 2016


Wizards of the Coast LLC (“Wizards”) is providing members of the Wizards Play Network (“WPN Members”) with these marketing materials (“WPN Materials”) to use solely in connection with advertising Wizards-sanctioned organized play events (“Events”) and Wizards’ products, and for retail store décor. WPN Members may use the WPN Materials in their store, on their retail store website, and through their retail store social media accounts. 

The rights and permissions granted to you under this Wizards Play Network Marketing Materials Policy (“Policy”) are personal to you. You may not transfer or assign these rights to any third party.  In addition, by using the WPN Materials, you acknowledge your acceptance of this Policy and the WPN Terms and Conditions (“WPN Terms”).  This Policy is part of the WPN Terms and may be modified or terminated by Wizards at any time in accordance with the WPN Terms.  Wizards also reserves the right to remove this limited use license at any time, for any reason, and at the sole discretion of Wizards. 

Policies for use of the WPN Materials:

  • Wizards’ Trademarks and Product Images. You may use Wizards’ trademarks and copyrighted product images and printed materials provided in the WPN Materials only for the purpose of display, identification, promotion, and discussion of Wizards’ products or Events or for retail store décor as expressly permitted in this Policy. You may not use Wizards trademarks or copyrights on or in connection with products other than genuine Wizards products.
  • Social Networking Websites. You may use the WPN Materials on your retail store website and retail store social media accounts (collectively, “Sites”); provided, however, that your use remains compliant with this Policy and the policies, terms and conditions of those Sites. Wizards accepts no responsibility whatsoever in connection with or arising from your activities on such Sites.
  • No Alteration. If you download the WPN Materials, you must display such WPN Materials without alteration—except that you may make proportionate reductions in size as technically necessary to accommodate posting on your Sites and in your store.
  • No Endorsement or Sponsorship. You may not use or display the WPN Materials in a manner likely to create the impression that Wizards is an official sponsor of or endorsing your retail store, your Events, or your Sites. 
  • Trade Dress and Advertising Elements. You may not imitate Wizards’ logos, trade dress, or other elements of Wizards product packaging and website. Such imitation could result in confusion for others about your store’s or Sites’ affiliation with or sponsorship by Wizards.
  • Merchandise Items Bearing the WPN Materials. You may not manufacture, sell, or give away merchandise items such as T-shirts or mugs that bear WPN Materials.
  • Inaccurate, Obscene or Libelous Statements Prohibited. Wizards welcomes and encourages honest discussion and opinions about all Wizards products. However, we cannot allow the WPN Materials to be used in any store or on any Site that promotes sexually explicit materials, violence, discrimination or illegal activities, or makes disparaging, libelous or dishonest statements about Wizards or its products, employees and agents. We know you’ll keep it clean.

What if Don’t Comply with the Policy?

We hope that by clearly communicating the Policy for use of the WPN Materials, we can avoid misunderstandings regarding your use of such materials. However, if Wizards becomes aware that you have violated this Policy, Wizards will contact you and/or your Sites’ operators to try to resolve the matter. If we are unable to reach a reasonable resolution, or if we become aware of a pattern of violations of our Policy, we may pursue appropriate legal action and/or terminate your store’s WPN membership.


Wizards invites you to ask us whatever questions you may have about using the WPN Materials. Please visit Wizards’ customer service webpage. We will do our best to give you timely responses to your questions. Please be aware that there may be some questions that we cannot answer because the information is confidential and cannot be disclosed to the public.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation with this Policy!

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