WPN Premium Showcase Gallery

WPN Premium Showcase Gallery

Coliseum Cards

Tamworth, England

Achieved WPN Premium May 2019

"The communication with our representatives from Wizards was amazing and fully supportive, which made any changes we needed to make very simple. Achieving Premium has given us a standard to be proud of and work hard to maintain, from customer service all the way through to the experience of our store and events. We are proud to bring a Premium Store to Tamworth and offer an amazing venue to host exclusive events for the Magic Community of the Midlands. For us it’s all about the experience!" - Sharon and Mark Lawson, Owners.

Start Your Path to WPN Premium

Visit our support site, select your region, and submit a request to apply.

Face to Face Games

Toronto, Ontario

Achieved WPN Premium June 2019

"WPN Premium isn't something you pursue just to check a box on a list from Wizards. Each angle of the premium program is really something that genuinely makes your business more friendly, accessible and marketable in general. If you hired a "marketing consulting firm" to help you improve your business, they would give you half the advice and help Wizards does, and then send you a $20,000 bill." – Kelly Ackerman, Owner

Retail Improvement Grant

Stores located in the U.S., Canada, Japan, and in some parts of Europe may apply for a Retail Improvement Grant to help secure WPN Premium designation, whether it’s a move, renovation, or expansion.

You propose what you need, and we'll determine how much we can cover—up to 50 percent of the total cost. Start your application today, and remember, your Retail Development Specialist is available to answer any questions.

Firestorm Games

Cardiff, Wales

Achieved WPN Premium December 2019

"The Path to Premium process was well structured, logical, and the excellent assistance from Wizards helped ensure that our application process was a positive and easy experience. The quality and space available in our new venue allows us to provide a truly Premium retail and gaming experience. The welcoming and inclusive environment that we foster as a WPN Prmeium store has helped us grow our Organised Play and Tournament scene." -Andy Walpole, Manager.

Geek Retreat

Leeds, UK

Achieved WPN Premium November 2020

"Our Path to Premium wasn’t the easiest, we got turned down the first 2 times we applied! However, the committee feedback was clear on what we needed to improve on each time, and each point made sense in terms of improving our appearance and customer experience. We pride ourselves on building friendly and welcoming communities that help us introduce new people to the hobby in a supportive environment." -Andy Morton-Foggon, Owner.

Gamers Paradise

Baton Rouge, Lousiana

Achieved WPN Premium December 2020

"Through working towards WPN Premium we have really separated ourselves from our competition and we get compliments on our store almost daily. We also like the exclusives we get from being Premium as well. We are proud of our "grayscale" theme: how we used blacks, whites and grays in our flooring, walls and furniture." -Tony Derbigny, Owner.

Hairy Tarantula

Toronto, Ontario

Achieved WPN Premium December 2020

"It felt really daunting at first, to try to get WPN Premium, but it was something we really wanted. Our specialist came and talked to us and let us know that it was going to be a lot of work, but in the end it was worth it. We ended up renovating our floors, and the Retail Improvement Grant that we got was a big help. People are really happy with how comfortable they are in the store now and how it looks. Even though we felt frustrated at times, we're very happy that we did it and are continuing to drive our store to be better each YEAR." -David Rood, Manager.

Gremio de Dragones

Valenica, Spain

Achieved WPN Premium December 2020

"Working towards Premium was not too hard at all and the investment is returned every time a customer congratulates us or comments on our awesome space. We're very proud of the quantity and variety of products we have, many of which can't be found anywhere else in Spain. Our status as a WPN Premium store helps inform our community the level of quality they will find here, and inspires us to keep improving our offerings." -Paco Rubio, Owner.

Júpiter Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain

Achieved WPN Premium September 2021

"We needed to improve our local store and it was very gratifying to know we could achieve WPN Premium. All the suggestions made by the agency were on point and made sense. We are proud of our customers and consider our community as a big family—every new customer is a new member our family!" -Joan Grau, Owner.

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