WPN Premium

WPN Premium

WPN Premium Membership Benefits

WPN Premium stores enjoy the recognition of being one of the best game stores in the world and have priority placement in the Store & Event Locator.

Exclusive Product

Get Wizards product exclusive to WPN Premium stores, such as the all-foil Commander Collection Premium Edition.

WPN Premium Promos

WPN Premium stores receive dedicated Promos regularly to build hype for players.

Special Events

Grow your community with new events created just for WPN Premium stores, such as Preview Events.

Exclusive Marketing Materials

Receive quarterly benefits and tools such as storage solutions and signage to enhance merchandising.

Requirements to Achieve WPN Premium

Your Path to WPN Premium is tailored to enhance your store's unique brand. You can take as long as you need to earn your designation and your Retail Development Specialist will be with you every step of the way.

Any WPN member can apply! You do not need to meet all WPN Premium Quality checklist requirements to apply. You can get started by tackling these requirements.

Submit Your Store's Floorplan

Before you can be designated as WPN Premium, you'll need to send your store's floorplan. Share your own or use one of these suggested tools.

Provide Exceptional Customer Experience

A secret shopper is deployed to your store to evaluate your customers' experience during your Path to WPN Premium. Your store must earn a 90 percent or higher score to achieve WPN Premium status.

Maintain Online Storefront

Making products more accessible gives customers a more accurate picture of what you have available. We require all WPN Premium stores to maintain their online storefront. We even provide marketing materials to support it.

Record a Store Walkthrough Video

Film a continuous, comprehensive walkthrough video for easy evaluation. Be sure to send your video using a permanent link (such as Google Drive) for your specialist to download.

WPN Premium Quality Checklist

This resource provides an overview of requirements that guide your Path to WPN Premium. Download it, print it, and keep it handy for conversations with your specialist.

View You do not need to meet all WPN Premium requirements to apply.
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Start Your Path to WPN Premium
WPN Premium Store Spotlights

    WPN Premium Showcase Gallery

    The WPN Premium Showcase Gallery celebrates stores that achieved a WPN Premium designation, highlighting exceptional examples of store exterior, merchandising, store décor, and play spaces. It offers a public-facing platform to show off the high quality of your store to potential new players.

    Retail Improvement Grant

    Stores located in the U.S., Canada, Japan, and in some parts of Europe may apply for a Retail Improvement Grant to help secure WPN Premium designation, whether it’s a move, renovation, or expansion.

    You propose what you need, and we'll determine how much we can cover—up to 50 percent of the total cost. Start your application today, and remember, your Retail Development Specialist is available to answer any questions.

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