WPN Promo Usage and Policies

WPN Promo Usage and Policies

Love Your Local Game Store 2024 Promos
Standard Showdown Promos
Open House Promos
Commander Party Promo
Store Championship Promos
Promo Packs
Buy-a-Box Promos
Bring-a-Friend Promos
Get the Gang Together Promos
Prerelease Lapel Pins
Play Booster Draft Promos
Ravnica: Clue Edition Launch Party Promo
Magic: The Gathering®—Fallout® Commander Launch Party Promos
30th Anniversary Promos
Ravnica Remastered Promos
The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth™ Holiday Release Promos
Doctor Who™ Commander Launch Party Promos
Wilds of Eldraine Sales Promos
Commander Masters Promos
Lotus Petal Promos

Surplus Promo Policy

Unless otherwise stated, you are free to use surplus promos as you would Promo Packs once the next Standard set has been released. Surplus Promos cannot be used for Premier Play events.

If you have any questions about promo usage not covered here, please contact Retail Support.

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