Dec 1, 2020 — WPN Premium

Interested In WPN Premium? This Should Be Your First Step.

Now more than ever, an online sales platform can be a huge benefit for your business—and it can take you one step closer to Premium.

Dec 1, 2020 — WPN Premium

Interested In WPN Premium? This Should Be Your First Step.

Now more than ever, an online sales platform can be a huge benefit for your business—and it can take you one step closer to Premium.

Each requirement for WPN Premium feeds directly into the world-class experience that players have come to expect from Premium retailers. But if you're working towards Premium, or even just curious about it, choosing which of these improvements to start tackling first might not be immediately clear.

So, here's a nudge in the right direction: start your path to Premium by building an online sales platform.

Before we dive into how to create an online store, here's why it makes the perfect first step towards Premium.

An Online Sales Platform Opens Your Business to More Customers

Now more than ever, an interested customer might not visit your brick-and-mortar store for a variety of reasons—limited transportation, busy schedules, and so on. A lot of them aren't lucky enough to have an LGS at all.

Those customers have two options for purchasing Magic product: buy online from their local game store or buy online somewhere else. Providing an online sales platform keeps that first option open.

A Muse N Games in Winnipeg is a great example—their sealed Magic sales doubled in 2020, when their in-store sales were extremely limited. You can read more about it here.

There are plenty of places to buy Magic cards online, but plenty of fans still choose to shop online with their local store instead a competitor—especially when the LGS has a simple, intuitive platform and can offer curbside pickup or local delivery.

Plus, that jump in sales at A Muse N Games does more than show that online sales platforms can really affect your bottom line—it also shows that players want to support their local game store.

Give them the opportunity to support you rather than get their cards somewhere else by building an online storefront.

How to Build an Online Storefront

If you're completely new to doing business online, start with this article—we'll run you through the basics of making the storefront, creating a good user experience, and helping customers find you online.

If you're ready to dive right in, your first step will be choosing a platform to host your online store.

Ideally, you'll find one that syncs with your in-store point of sale—that will help keep all your stock organized and be easier to maintain. Gary Ray, owner of Black Diamond Games, recommends a Square online store.

You'll also want to choose what to sell and how to get it to customers. Gary Ray has a lot of success selling gift certificates, for example—they have the bonus of being digital and not needing to ship. You can check out more of his recommendations here.

Finally, if you're in the US or Canada, don't forget to apply for an Operational Grant once you've thought about what you need for your online store to succeed. These grants cover up to 50% of your online operation improvement—and, if you want to receive your grant in 2020, the deadline is approaching fast!

Apply for an Operational Grant here!

If you don't have an online storefront yet, those resources will get you started. And if you do already have one, you've taken your first step toward Premium. Why not check out our guide to applying for Premium and take the next one today?

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