Mar 6, 2023 — WPN Premium

Path to WPN Premium: Tips to Make Reverification a Breeze

Learn about the WPN Premium reverification process and get best practices for submitting your video to the team.

Mar 6, 2023 — WPN Premium

Path to WPN Premium: Tips to Make Reverification a Breeze

Learn about the WPN Premium reverification process and get best practices for submitting your video to the team.

Once your store receives a WPN Premium designation, it's a time for celebration—you and your staff can feel proud that your store is among one of the best game stores in the world. Plus, you can enjoy additional benefits that will help make your store an amazing hub to grow your gaming community.

In order to ensure WPN Premium stores remain high quality locations for their customers, we have the WPN Premium reverification process.

What Is the WPN Premium Reverification Process?

The WPN Premium reverification process kicks off with an email from your WPN Development Specialist. In that email, your Development Specialist will remind you of the deadline to complete reverification, plus a rundown of what the process will be like for your store.

WPN Premium reverification consists of two parts:

  • Review of a newly submitted current video walkthrough of your store.
  • A successful secret shopper visit.

Filming a reverification video works the same way as when you submitted your original video in your application for WPN Premium: it should cover the full exterior and all customer-facing interior spaces in your store and demonstrate that all Quality Checklist requirements remain met.

Depending on overall thoroughness or other needs that arise during review, your Development Specialist will reach out with details and a timeline to provide any additional information, which may include a new recording of your video walkthrough.

Can Stores Reschedule a Reverification?

Your WPN Premium reverification is typically due at the end of the quarter during which your store achieved its designation—meaning the deadline for stores who achieved a designation in the first quarter of the year will be due around March 31 of the following year.

If your store has extenuating circumstances—such as plans to move your store, renovate an area, or is recovering from damage from a tragic event—then you should let your WPN Business Development Specialist know as soon as possible. That way, you can work together to create a timeline for your reverification to be sure you're able to showcase your store under regular circumstances.

Reverification Video Best Practices

Your WPN Premium reverification video will first be reviewed by your WPN Business Development Specialist before it's handed off to the WPN Premium Aesthetics Committee. As you record your new walkthrough video for reverification, keep the following tips top of mind:

  • Record your video horizontally (landscape mode). It makes for the easiest viewing experience and helps the video reviewers better put themselves in your customers' shoes.
  • Walk slowly to show off your merchandising. This makes it easy for the WPN Premium Aesthetics Committee to pause over your Sealed Magic product displays, especially at your point of sale.
  • Highlight your WPN Premium Checklist items. The committee keeps a close eye out to make sure your sales policy, store rules, event calendar, and store hours are visible and aligned with your store's branding.
  • Don't worry about background noise. The committee watches videos with the sound off, so any background noise or narration you may provide won't be captured during review.

For even more advice on perfecting your store's video walkthrough, you can check out our previous article.

Your WPN Premium reverification is a great time to reconnect with your Development Specialist, and an opportunity provide feedback about your experience during your first year of being a WPN Premium location. Keep that in mind as you begin preparing for reverification and be sure to look out for an email from your WPN Premium Development Specialist to get the process started.

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