Feb 5, 2024 — WPN Premium

WPN Premium: Select Your First Quarterly Benefits of 2024

Fill out your survey as soon as possible to claim your benefits for Q1 2024.

Feb 5, 2024 — WPN Premium

WPN Premium: Select Your First Quarterly Benefits of 2024

Fill out your survey as soon as possible to claim your benefits for Q1 2024.

The quarterly benefit selection period for the new year has begun! WPN Premium stores all over the world can select additional organizational materials and supplies to use in merchandising Magic: The Gathering products.

Delivered by email, your WPN Premium benefit selection survey remains open until February 21, after which we'll process your selections and send your preferred items to you, at no cost to you.

Benefits Available for Selection

Here are the benefits available to WPN stores in Q1. Please note, inventory of some items is limited. Based on the orders we receive, we may have to adjust order quantities to fulfill all requests.

WPN Premium Plaque

This new item is made from black acrylic with the WPN Premium logo in silver mirror. It's free-standing, making it simple to display on a shelf or counter in your store. You can request up to one plaque.

WPN Premium member plaque

6-Slot Acrylic Booster Dispensers

This lightweight, sturdy fixture by Ultra Pro has six slots for different booster packs, plus a handy display pocket in the front. You can request up to two booster dispensers.

6-Slot Acrylic Booster Dispensers

18" x 24" Snap Poster Frames

These simple, clean black snap frames can be hung together in a row, or dispersed throughout the store, allowing your Standard set release posters to be displayed prominently. You can request a single frame or set of two frames.

Black snap poster frames

Singles Storage Solutions: Faux Leather Long Box or Zipper Binder

You can request either one faux leather long box or one zipper binder.

These faux leather long boxes provide a great option for storing your cards. The name plate on the front is designed to fit a storage label neatly inside.

Faux leather long box

Each zipper binder includes built-in card sleeve pages as well as a zipper that helps to keep your cards extra secure. It's a great option to organize and show off your cards.

zipper binder for singles storage

Respond to Your Survey Today

Again, your survey will close February 21. Be sure to check your email and make your benefit selections ahead of that deadline. We ask for your suggestions for future benefit items, as well; we look forward to poring over your feedback!

If you're currently a member of the Wizards Play Network and are aiming for WPN Premium designation ahead of the next quarterly benefits selection, you have until March 29, 2024 to earn your designation and become eligible. Check out the WPN Premium hub to get the tools you need to start your Path to WPN Premium.

WPN Premium

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