Two-Headed Giant is a two-person team format that combines with any other format such as Standard, Booster Draft, and Sealed Deck.


Partners share turns and life totals. The starting life total for most formats is 30. Additional rules are format dependent.


Great for a family event or "bring-a-friend" night. New players tend to enjoy this format as it allows them to play alongside someone they know.

Deck Size

Standard: 60 cards minimum, Booster Draft: 40 cards minimum, Sealed Deck: 40 cards minimum


Constructed: None

Limited: A team shares a sideboard which consists of all the cards from their pool that were not put into the team's main decks.

Card Limit

Constructed: A team's combined decks may not contain more than four of any individual card (with the exception of basic lands).

Limited: There is no limit to number of individual cards that can be played. Example: Having 5 or more of an individual card is permitted.

Banned Cards

See this page for a list banned cards.