Launch Party: Titan Masters Attack

Titan Masters Attack

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Mar. 2020 1
Event Dates: 04/17/20

Launch Party: Titan Masters Attack

Sign up for Launch Party: Titan Masters Attack in Wizards Event Reporter to get promotional materials from Wizards of the Coast, including versions of cards not available in booster packs, to help support it.

Sign up in Wizards Event Reporter* now to get:

  • 25 copies of a character card not found in Booster Packs

  • 15 sets of 3 different large Character Cards which unite to form a 3-part Combiner Character

  • 12 of Each of two Buy-a-Box cards (full box purchasers receive one of each)


  • 2 Titan Masters Attack posters

All this is to help you run a casual Launch Party event when Titan Masters Attack launches, plus support any Transformers TCG in-store play that you choose to host afterward.

*in the US and certain other regions. Stores in Canada will recieve product automatically without signing up in WER. 

Primary Audience

  • Interested Player
  • New Player