22 déc. 2021 — Événements, Crimson Vow, Midnight Hunt, Éléments publicitaires

Spooky Showcase! Check Out Inspiring Innistrad Store Décor

WPN stores show how they brought the haunting plane of Innistrad to life.

22 déc. 2021 — Événements, Crimson Vow, Midnight Hunt, Éléments publicitaires

Spooky Showcase! Check Out Inspiring Innistrad Store Décor

WPN stores show how they brought the haunting plane of Innistrad to life.

'Tis the season to get spooky! Before the release of Innistrad: Crimson Vow, we asked retailers to share the different ways they decorated to highlight the most sinister celebration of the century.

We were impressed by all the creativity! Here’s a selection of the most innovative ways WPN stores made their Innistrad-themed events stand out.

Decorating your store rewards the effort you put in, drawing more players through your doors. Plus, exciting event additions like photo ops and tasty treats encourage your regulars to bring their friends along for extra fun.

Dressed to Impress

What's a vampire wedding without dressing to the nines? These stores encouraged staff and players to dress up for the occasion, and everyone was eager to participate.

At Cape Fear Collectibles, players could take photos with the vampire of the hour at this gorgeous backdrop.

Spooky Showcase 1Cape Fear Collectibles in Wilmington, North Carolina

Spooky Showcase 2Cape Fear Collectibles in Wilmington, North Carolina

Deals N Dragons and Halcyon Games invited some vampires inside to help sell Innistrad: Crimson Vow product. Don't worry, they won't bite—as long as you join Prerelease!

Spooky Showcase 3Deals N Dragons in Platteville, Wisconsin

Spooky Showcase 4Halcyon Games in Spring, Texas

Welcoming Ambience and Window Murals

A classic way to amp up the ambience in your store is through lighting and props—something Dalaran Games and Forbes Hobbies execute wonderfully.

Spooky Showcase 5Dalaran Games in Joinville, Brazil

Spooky Showcase 6Forbes Hobbies in Ontario, Canada

Spooky Showcase 6The Comic Monstore in Salisbury, North Carolina

One store in the United Kingdom, FanBoy Three, went all out with a gorgeous window mural featuring elements from both Innistrad: Midnight Hunt and Innistrad: Crimson Vow.

Spooky Showcase 7FanBoy Three in Manchester, United Kingdom

Tasty Treats and Play Table Touches

Immersing players in a set theme means drawing on all five senses—and Game Empire and Puny Human Games capitalize on taste by offering tantalizing treats at their events.

Spooky Showcase 8Game Empire in San Diego, California

Spooky Showcase 9Puny Human Games in New Brunswick, Canada

For Critical Hit Games and The Game Center, everything is coming up roses—at their play tables, that is. Their tasteful table additions amplified the gothic romance in the air.

Spooky Showcase 10Critical Hit Games in Abingdon, Maryland

Spooky Showcase 11The Game Center in Campbelltown, Australia

Thematic Product Shots

Decorating doesn't have to be limited to what you can show in-store! Brute Force Games uses spooky, scary skeletons as a backdrop to highlight their Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Commander decks.

Spooky Showcase 12Brute Force Games in San Diego, California

Thank you to all the WPN retailers who submitted photos to us. Continue flexing your creative muscles with décor that makes the most of your events—we can't wait to see what you come up with for Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty!

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