2023.03.20 — New Player Acquisition

The Magic Story Podcast Returns

Use the return of the Magic Story Podcast to entice new players to dive into the lore of Magic: The Gathering.

2023.03.20 — New Player Acquisition

The Magic Story Podcast Returns

Use the return of the Magic Story Podcast to entice new players to dive into the lore of Magic: The Gathering.

For 30 years, Magic: The Gathering has brought people together to play unforgettable games of the world's greatest TCG—and along the way, players have learned the storied history of a diverse cast of characters that live across a dozen planes in the Multiverse.

Recently, we've launched a way for those players to relive the story, and for new players to dive into the lore: the Magic Story Podcast.

What is the Magic Story Podcast?

The Magic Story Podcast is a podcast dedicated to the lore of Magic: The Gathering and its multiverse setting. Whether you have been playing Magic for years or just discovered it yesterday, the podcast is intended to be a fun, easy-to-understand entry point to dive deeper into the various characters, settings, and stories that make up Magic: The Gathering.

If the name Magic Story Podcast sounds familiar to you, that’s because it is a continuation of the podcast series that had stopped back in 2018. It is an established Wizards of the Coast podcast series and, now that we are concluding (dare we say compleating?) some extremely rich story arcs and looking towards the future of Magic, we felt the time was right to bring it back.

Tune in to join Wizards of the Coast official hosts Harless Snyder (Product Marketing Manager) and Natalie Kreider (Game Producer) as they take you through the multiverse like never before.

Where to Listen to the Magic Story Podcast

The Magic Story Podcast is available almost anywhere your players tune into their other favorite shows—most notably, Spotify and Apple Podcasts. The first 10 episodes cover the story of Dominaria United and The Brothers' War, serving as an excellent primer for interested players to catch up on the story of the current Standard set releases.

Interested members of your player base can find the full archive of the podcast on the Magic: The Gathering website, which will fill out as more episodes are added to the podcast in the coming weeks.

Get More New Player Resources

Podcasts are great tools to help new players familiarize themselves with the story of Magic: The Gathering, giving them a deeper understanding of the characters and world of the game. When they return to your store with renewed interest, you'll want to be sure you have products to point them to—and that's where the New Player Acquisition Hub comes in handy.

Our New Player Acquisition Hub guides you through products that work well to onboard new players to Magic: The Gathering, such as the Starter Kit, Jumpstart 2022, or Starter Commander Decks. Plus, we make recommendations for events that are easy for you to advertise as new player friendly, though you're always welcome to create custom events in Wizards EventLink that suit your players' unique interests.

For example, you may consider having a Learn-to-Play Magic event that encourages players who are eager to learn or eager to teach to come to your store for rounds of Jumpstart. If your community is ready to move into learning more in-depth techniques, consider hosting a Learn-to-Deck Build event for your community's preferred format. At a deck building event, you may have staff or other attendees give strategy advice to new players seeking to make their Magic decks even stronger.

No matter the event, be sure to share the story podcast with interested players. Get started with your new player events by heading to head to Wizards EventLink today.

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